whenever i dive into the hereditary witch or traditional witch tag to find new perspectives or ideas so much of it is filled with the usual “ew emoji spells and new age stuff is so fake ugh tumblr witchcraft is so weak and watered down and lacking bc none of these people were born into it, yall are just here for the aesthetic” and i want to fucking scream??? then leave ho, no one’s keeping you or your misplaced superiority here

This is infuriating, I have two modes : uninspired and feeling like I have two left hands (I’m a rightie) or in the mood for drawing and having a thousand ideas per minute. Which is so frustrating because then I don’t have time for all the pics I want to do !!!  

  • me playing bioware games: and i'll help you! and you! and you! you were rude to me? that's okay i'll help you anyway!
  • me playing bethesda games: you were rude to me? i'll shoot you in the face and loot your corpse

i wanted to draw him for so long you have no idea

starring: @dantecain‘s Sylvan


My take on the Kirkwall gang in Inquisition. (part 2)

give me all your sugar, baby
  • pairing: D.O/Kai (top!soo)
  • author: seawitch
  • length: 12k
  • warnings/kinks: prostitute!kai, sugar daddy!soo, daddy!kink, age gap, mentions of abuse (not from kaisoo)

Kyungsoo’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and he seeks refuge for an hour in a rundown strip club, where he meets a mess of a male stripper named Kai.

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