BARS PT. 3 (all original verses)
yo, north philly team got me hit the ground running
I hit the streets with the song that I’m humming
this shit’s fire got me heating up the oven
if i put it inside best believe I’m fuckin cummin
I don’t have friends I got brothers and cousins
haters love to talk, but they’re putting out nothin
bitches and hoes yeah i got about a dozen
drop dead gorgeous and they’re loving that i’m stuntin.
up in the club and i’m ragin
fine ass bitch she cajun
texted your dude now he pagin
half middle eastern and asian
would fuck around on another occasion
cops upon cops upon cops
lining the top to the back of my block
now they’re knocking at my door
so i tell em all they can suck on my cock, yeah.

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Today we celebrate the Holy Great Martyr Phanourios the Newly Revealed. Saint Phanourios was unknown to us until recently when excavations were taking place in Rhodes, Greece. The workers came upon an icon which the name Saint Phanourios was inscribed. Around the icon were 12 scenes depicting the life and martyrdom of the Saint, giving us all the information we know about his life. He appeared to various people healing them of diseases and performing many miracles. Because of his name (which means “the revealing one”) he is often invoked in prayers when one is looking for a lost item or person. The one making the entreaty bakes a sweet cake in his name and shares the sweet with others as a sort of offering to the Saint. Through this simple dedication, the Saint more than often reveals what the faithful person is looking for. May he intercede for us always + #saint #phanourios #greatmartyr #great #martyr #newlyrevealed #new #revealed #prayer #phanouropita #lost #found #intercession #orthodox #sophia

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