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Oscar Isaac will star in World War II thriller “The Garbo Network” with Bob Cooper and Richard Saperstein’s Storyscape Entertainment launching sales at the Berlin Film Festival. The script for “The Garbo Network” was written by William Wheeler and will be produced by Cooper, Saperstein, Chuck Weinstock, Jason Spire, and Isaac. The film is based on the true story of Juan Pujol Garcia, an eccentric double-agent who, with no military or covert training, somehow persuaded both the Germans and the British to hire him as a spy. His real allegiance was to England, and working closely with MI5, he created a fictional network of 27 spies said to be spread out over England, Scotland, and Ireland. The ruse helped the English to deceive the Germans about the invasion of Normandy.

Garcia is the only man in the history of World War II to receive distinguished medals of honor from opposing sides: the German Iron Cross and the Member of the Order of the British Empire.

“Juan Pujol Garcia is unlike any character we’ve seen on film – he’s a chameleon and a master manipulator, deeply haunted by his past, with an unreadable agenda… and his actions have world-changing consequences,” Cooper said.

Storyscape is also producing Michael Fassbender’s “Entering Hades,” which is set up at Broad Green, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s “War Magician,” which is set up at Studio Canal. (via

Chris Evans set to star in Red Sea Diving Resort

Chris Evans has signed onto true-life tale Red Sea Diving Resort, which will see him co-starring with The Girl On The Train’s Haley Bennett.

Gideon Raff will direct his script, which will chronicle the evacuation of Jewish Ethiopian Civil War refugees from Sudan to Israel in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. On the orders of then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Mossad set up a secret base in a deserted Sudanese holiday camp, and orchestrated the mass extraction by sea and air. Evans is aboard to play Ari Kidron, a charming Israeli agent who assembles a team to help refugees on the ground.

Just a small project announcement.

A few years ago I wrote the beginning of a Hobbit Modern!AU fic called ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’. I really loved the idea, but didn’t end up continuing the fic unfortunately. 

I had a how storyline drawn out and knew where I wanted to take the story but by the time I finally got back in the swing of writing the Hobbit Fandom (at least in regards to the movies) has more or less died off. 

So, I’ve decided I’m going to take that idea and revamp it as an original Webcomic. Enter Bruises + Bitemarks. 

So, this is the story of Bo, who may or may not have something of a massive crush on his best friend, the hard working, long suffering, Mother/Brother of 3, Max. He’s managed to keep this a secret though, from absolutely nobody, other than Max of course. 

I aim to have the first part up within the week. 

100 Followers WOO!!

I have been hovering at 99 for months now it was so aggravating you have no idea. Every time it would hit 100 and I’d get so excited and then I’d see it was just another goddamn porn bot. Ugh. But now I have 100 REAL followers! And I’m going to do something I haven’t seen anyone do in a long time…a FOLLOW FOREVER. These are the tumblrs that I follow (a lot are mutuals) that I will always follow because they’re great. Here we go!

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Thank you all! I also have something else planned for this blog very shortly. It’s quite different from the stuff I usually post, so I’d appreciate if you gave it a chance. If you don’t like it, unfollow, that’s fine. But I’m kinda excited for it, so stay tuned in the next few hours for a brand new project. Thanks again!

It has been quiet a while since i posted anything (and i’m aware i say that often) so thanks for still following me for the occasion i manage to upload something again ^^*

sooooooooo i have started a new small project ᕙ(¬∀¬)ᕗ
THE NURSE from dead by daylight :D

I’ll try to upload a little more work in progress while working on this project when i did till now ^^*