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전화기를 꺼놔 (Turn Off Your Phone)
  • 전화기를 꺼놔 (Turn Off Your Phone)
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Jay Park - Turn Off Your Phone

I’m sorry - your make-up looks so sexy today
It looks like you put a lot of thought into your outfit too
But your make-up will be erased
And your pretty clothes will come off baby

I’m sorry - my room is a bit messy
I had time but I didn’t clean it on purpose
Because it’s gonna get messy anyway, oh baby

* Turn off your phone so no one can interrupt us, come right next to me
Turn off your phone, let’s leave to our own little world starting now
Let’s hug each other, let’s kiss each other
Do a sexy dance for me in your bare body
So baby, turn off your phone
Let’s spend our own hot night together

Baby oh girl it feels so good
Wrap your slender legs around my waist, don’t ever let go
I’m so into you, I don’t wanna stop, keep going girl
I’m yours and you’re mine - trust your body to me girl
I’ll satisfy your every fantasy right here
* repeat

Whoo girl, even with the heater off, this room is so hot
Scream out my name so all the neighbors can hear
I knew I couldn’t last a day - my hair grew so fast at thoughts of you
(T/N: In Korea, they say your hair grows faster if you think dirty thoughts.)
It’s so unfair - you have everything - I spent my whole life searching for a girl like you
An elegantly sexy girl - that’s you
Your face looks young but your body is like an adult, so sexy and chic
You know everything you need to know but your heart is so kind
Your picture is my desktop image, I miss you everyday like a letter
If you’re not right for me, then I’m a sinner - I’ll drink you like champagne
* repeat

cr: pop!gasa


Lykoi, the werewolf cats.

“Lykoi” is the Greek word for “wolf” and it has been adopted to name a new, fascinating cat breed. Also known as the werewolf cat, the Lykoi owes its very distinctive look to a natural genetic mutation that occurred in a few completely unrelated litters. One was from a Sphinx mother, one from a very common black domestic shorthair.

These cats have been tested for possible genetic illnesses and have been found to be healthy, so a few breeders have decided to try and make it into a proper new breed. In 2012, the Lykoi went before the The International Cat Association (TICA) and were passed to “Registration Only” status. This means that they are now a recognized breed with TICA.

Images courtesy of B. Gobble and A. Mitchell


lykoi cat

The newest ‘breed’ of cat looks like something from a fantasy movie. Lykoi cats or ‘werewolf cats’ resemble well, werewolves.

Just like the Munchkin, the Lykois were created by nature due to a natural mutation.

You may think that they may possess some Sphynx gene, but according to the breeders, the Lykoi gene comes from Domestic Shorthairs.

This breed is so new that there are no kittens available until 2016. You can find out more about Lykois here.