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This is shot in the dark but this is my dad Dean,

He has been missing for 24hrs and has left his phone, wallet, keys, and car behind, we’ve checked with everyone we can think of if they’ve seen him to no avail…

We’re in contact with the police, and are all worried sick… if any Auckland tumblrs have seen him at all or have any advice on what further steps we should take could you please pm me it would be much appreciated… 

thank you

Nancy Wake

Special Operations Executive agent Nancy Wake was born on August 30, 1912 in Wellington, New Zealand. Nicknamed “The White Mouse” for her ability to avoid capture by the Gestapo, she fought alongside the Maquis in France during World War II and once took command of a maquis group whose leader had been killed in a fight against the Germans. In preparation for the D-Day invasion, she trained 7,000 partisans. Wake was decorated by the governments of France, Britain and the US.

Nancy Wake died in 2011 at the age of 98.


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Catching up on things since I’ve been MIA. So last weekend as mentioned before, the fam and I took a trip up to Tekapo which has now become my favorite place in New Zealand so far. It is renowned for being one of the BEST places in the world for star gazing and studying the night sky in all its glory. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The last night that we were there, I bundled up in an itchy blanket and laid outside in the freezing cold for a few hours just to stare out into space. For those of you who don’t know me that well, star gazing has been one of my favorite things to do ever since before I can remember. I cultivated a love of the universe at a young age and have kept that throughout my life. I have always sought out places that yield the best and clearest night skies and in Tekapo I found the king of kings, the holy of holys. I have never seen so many stars. I never knew a night sky like that existed. I was so stunned by its beauty and sheer power that I just started crying. My eyes kept adjusting to the darkness the longer I sat out there, and in turn more and more stars kept appearing. I eventually could see the Milky Way as clear as the moon. Dazzling and dizzying are the words I would use to describe it best. It was by far my favorite thing I’ve seen in NZ since being here, probably one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life, no exaggeration. The only word to describe the situation would be spiritual. And yes, I do somewhat mean in a religious sense, acknowledging God and the higher power that organized the vast universe. But mainly I mean spiritual in the sense that I recognized my own spirit and felt my own existence more powerfully than I ever had before. In that moment, I truly felt present, connected to the galaxies that lay above me. I’ll spare you the clichés that I reflected on during this time so you don’t have to sit there rolling your eyes thinking I’m trying too hard to be poetic and blah blah blah. But I will say that I was able to be completely honest with myself for the first time in a long time and I had never been happier.
I know I said I’d spare the clichés but humor me with this quote since it has struck a big chord with me while being out here: “There is no present like the time”. Love where you are at this very moment. Take it all in and let it envelop your very being. Let every breath you take be a constant reminder that you are important and have much to contribute in this life. Don’t ever take your existence for granted.