“Have compassion. We are all the same fundamentally. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your religion is, what race you are. We are all fundamentally the same.” 

Happy Birthday, Caitriona Balfe!

Model | Actor | Philanthropist | Writer
2 x Golden Globe Nominee | BAFTA Scotland Winner

Here in New York, on an April morning, Balfe (who goes by Cait) is still strikingly beautiful — but also startlingly contemporary. Of course, you don’t quite expect her to arrive in a corset, but in her Maison Margiela jeans and boots and A.P.C. trench with not a stitch of makeup on, Balfe’s effect is disorienting, a testament to how fully she has entranced fans with her portrayal of Claire.

New York Post, April 2015

[Caitriona Portrait 3 / ?]


I’m the evil middle sister, the drama queen. I could be very outgoing, very hyper and energetic and imaginative and crazy and weird, but at the same time I was really introverted, and didn’t mind spending many hours alone … playing make-believe by myself. I love solitude, and I’m not afraid of it. I love sitting at a [pottery] wheel, even if I mess up every piece I’m trying to throw. It’s such a meditating and calming feeling; it kind of grounds me.

The normally pro-Trump New York Post (where Trump is known to have friends) and longtime rival of New York Daily News (a most decidly anti-Trump paper), the Post is finally coming around lately with articles that have been challenging the Trump administration, as with this headline’s article that delves into the ongoing drama inside the rancorous White House.