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The Philippines

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The memorial outside of Anthony Bourdain’s old restaurant Brasserie Les Halles. 

A couple excerpts in no particular order:

  • “I work in food because of you. Sometimes I think I live in New York because of you”
  • “Burgers on brioche buns totally suck! Thank you!”
  • “Anthony, thanks for showing & visiting Armenia on Parts Unknown - letting the world know about the Armenian Genocide”
  • “You will be missed- A vegan”
  • “You’ve left an impression on me and many men… and for a man, esp. a white man, exceptional and graceful in all your interactions with people”
  • “When I was 14 I thought I was going to be a journalist or a writer, then I was given a copy of Kitchen Confidential. It changed my life. 20 years later I’m a CHEF because of YOU.”
  • “People say you should never meet you heroes: the fear of rejection, the fear of being let down, fear that they will not live up to your super high expectations. I mean that’s what makes them your heroes right? … I met chef twice… he looked over, tipped his glass at me and continued on, we drank in silence but i was never more comfortable ”
  • “ I can’t believe its not butter… I fucking can.”- I worked for him, best soul in food
  • “you made me COOK… and I’m a single New Yorker”
  • “I am a bubbly, happy vegetarian you would have hated me. But I loved you like we all did. You saw the world with compassion masked in distain”