-Pretend this takes place a year after The Dark World. As far as Thor is aware Loki is still dead and Odin is still king. (just pretend there’s a large time gap before Ragnarok.)-

Imagine the Avengers get themselves into trouble and are held captive by a crazed man bent on destroying everything in his path. They are tied up and held captive in the man’s headquarters when suddenly they drag in a young girl who is giving them nothing but trouble (think of her as a Harley Quinn type, lol). She threatens them with her boyfriend claiming he was not not someone he wanted to mess with but the man ignores the girl and ties her up and begins to threaten her because she can’t (or won’t) keep her mouth shut. Suddenly the alarm system is tripped off and the young girl begins laughing. “He’s here,” she tells him casually as he hears the screams of his crew. One man manages to run into the room only to be dragged out screaming for his life by an unseen force. His screams go dead silent the moment he’s dragged out into the hallway. By this point the Avengers are a bit worried and even the man seems concerned. When Loki walks into the room the man drops to his knees and begs for his life. “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t know she was yours!” Apparently he worked for Loki when he invaded New York so he knew exactly what the God was capable of. Loki asks the girl, “Did he harm you my Darling?” She replies, “No, but he was going to.” That’s all it takes for Loki to drag him into another room- killing him. (He didn’t want his girl to see the mess) Loki unties her and looks at the rest of the Avengers and smirks, “Well, well. Look at what we have here. The Avengers all tied up. What a wonderful day this is turning out to be.“ 

Loki ends up letting the Avengers go because it had been the plan all along. The girl had been captured on purpose.The Avengers are curious of her and find out she had once been one of HYDRA’s experiments. She had been injected with a serum that now allows her to dive into people’s minds; she can also take control if she chooses to. The Avengers assumed Loki rescued her to use her for his own benefit, but it turns out they had already been together for months before she had been taken by HYDRA and Loki almost died to get her out. They were also still yet learning the side effects. The young girl is very defensive of Loki and she does everything in her power to convince the Avengers he was not the man they thought he was. They have no choice but to believe her. Why? Because Loki allowed her inside his mind; she’s seen everything, from childhood to present. 

Donald Trump: America's Marie Antoinette
Instead of spending money on those Americans most in need, Donald Trump is wasting taxpayer money on maintaining his family's lavish lifestyle in Mar-a-Lago and New York, writes Dean Obeidallah.
By Dean Obeidallah
Fatal stabbing in New York was ‘practice’ for more attacks on black men, police say
The Maryland man was charged with murder as a hate crime on Thursday.
By https://www.facebook.com/markberman

A day after police say a white man admitted to fatally stabbing a black man in New York City and intending to kill many more, authorities charged him Thursday with murder as a hate crime, even as prosecutors were also urged to pursue federal charges.

Police say James H. Jackson, 28, of Baltimore told detectives that he traveled to New York from Maryland on a bus last week “for the purpose of killing black men,” according to a complaint filed in New York Criminal Court.

The complaint elaborates on what the New York Police Department had said Wednesday, when they described Jackson as violently acting out on what Assistant Police Chief William Aubry described as long-standing “feelings of hate towards male blacks.”