New Vegas is a good game because...
  • you get to stab Caesar, hit pre-apocalypse not!Howard Hughes with a golf club 
  • You get fisted by a robot
  • you get dommed by a zombie cowgirl
  • Elvis lives
  • You get scammed by a huge mutant selling tumbleweeds
  • Take drugs, fight bear
  • You can carry  hundreds of bottles of booze
  • You help zombies fly into space
  • Chandler from Friends is in it

For those who don’t know, Broken Steel in Fallout 3 has you ride a metro train.

What’s interesting is this isn’t actually a train ride. What it does is forcibly equip the player with a hat, a train hat, that gives them then appearance of a train, and then plays an idle animation that is said train moving. It’s a brilliant if hackey solution.

So I thought “hey, train hat, train armor” and went with it. What this means now is that I am a train.

I find it quite funny, especially that Caesar’s scouts are sending him reports that they’re being slaughtered by a train.

Like a literal train.