New Tardis Interior

Am I the only one who likes the new TARDIS interior? I mean, yeah, it’s a bit colder than the old one, but so is the Doctor. The old interior was very warm and fuzzy, like he was, and now both he and it are very different.
Now, it may just be that I never particularily liked the old one - I didn’t not like it, but 9/10’s will always by the TARDIS that I like best.

I think that the TARDIS interiors reflect their Doctor’s personalities - and such a dramatic difference between each of 11’s shows how different a man he is without the Ponds.

can i just say that i love the new tardis interior

very old who

reminds me of eight’s tardis in the movie

and i know everyone hates the movie but it’s worth watching

on that note, eight is actually my favorite doctor