New Tardis

A poster I made to celebrate 10 years of the BBC Wales era of Doctor Who, featuring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.

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“No More”

The Eighth and Eleventh Doctors and the last day of Gallifrey. Eight was destroyed by the Time War and forced to become a warrior; Eleven was finally absolved of that guilt.  

Mixed media: watercolor and digital. Doctor Who is copyright BBC. | Print Shop | My Doctor Who Art Tumblr

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Now It’s Your Turn to Land the TARDIS!

We’re probably crashing… but fear not, because here’s your chance to safely land the TARDIS ahead of Doctor Who: The World Tour, which kicks off in Cardiff on Thursday 7 August.

Simply download our TARDIS template, print it out and then carefully cut out and fold together to make your own tiny time-space machine. (if you can’t get it to load, try right clicking + save as.)

Then photograph it in the best locations you can find and post them on Twitter, Tumblr or Instragram with the hashtag #DWWorldTour. We’ll showcase our favourites on official Doctor Who social media pages and websites – so make yours stand out!

So, just one question… do you happen to know how to fly this thing?


Celebrating New Who: It’s been ten years since “Rose” first aired (26.03.2005)

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