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Looks like Ram wasn’t the only one to go inside. Class’ @Vivianoparah is let loose in the Tardis.

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Smile/Silence in the Library parallels


Eleventh Doctor ashamed of his feelings to Clara is everything


I wanted to show off Braxiatel’s new TARDIS collar and Seal of Rassilon tag, but he was having none of it. 

Typical secretive Brax. He also keeps a massive, unauthorized stash of toy mice under the couch in the living room, and I’ve definitely heard him refer to it as “my Collection.” 

Character: Clara Oswald
From: Doctor Who
Representation: LGBTQIA+ 

Their importance: Clara is a fairly ordinary person who loves both men and women. Throughout Series 8 she dates her co-worker Danny, and when he dies she claims that she’ll never say “I love you” again. But in Series 9 it’s revealed that thanks to time-travel she’s met and dated the writer Jane Austen, whom Clara refers to as “a phenomenal kisser”, and she tells a friend that “Sometimes Jane Austen and I prank each other. She is the worst. I love her! Take that how you like.” Her very last scene in the show sees her, now immortal, stepping into a new TARDIS with another immortal woman, Ashildr, as her companion.

There’s also a deleted (never made it past the script stage) scene where Clara’s stepmother is seen to have homophobic views which Clara argues against, a thing which makes her want to “scream to God for a merciful death”.

Issues: Clara’s relationship with Jane Austen is only retold by her to other characters, not seen. Also, while it’s common belief that Clara is bisexual, neither she nor anyone else actually uses the word ‘bisexual’. When asked if Clara was bi, Jenna Coleman (who plays Clara) said “it’s open to interpretation” and never confirmed Clara’s sexuality (whether it be pan, polysexual, bi, or another label).  

Thanks to @sarah531 for the write up! 

Mary watson is not dead people!
The doctor intervened just in the right time and took her in his tardis to New New York hosbital to a better recovery under the watch of sisters of plenitude.
He liked her because … come on she’s awesome that’s why he intervened in the first place.
He assured her they would be back before they even notice because of his dear tardis.
But as we all know the doctor is not really good with remembering the actual year he picks people from so sadly he brought her back two years later.