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I just moved to a new school, and I finally had made a really good friend. She just moved away though, and I'm really sad. The hosts can always cheer me up!

Haruhi:  Hey, you changed schools, too?  Neat!  We can be the newbies together!  

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Kaoru: Look at her being cute and bonding with classmates!

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Hikaru: So long as she doesn’t bond too much.  

Kaoru: You’re really gonna have to stop being so insecure….  You make us look needy.  

Tamaki: I remember coming to Japan and starting school!  Kyoya was instantly my best friend!  It was destiny!  It was magical!  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  

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Kyoya:  That’s not exactly how I remember it…

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Honey:  Hooray!  I love meeting new people!  So does Usa-chan.  It takes a while for Takashi to warm up to new people, though, so be patient with him.  

Mori:  *blushes*  

Haruhi: Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that you have plenty of new friends here at the Host Club!

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it’s been a loooong while since I have posted some original content on my blog, so I thought that the approaching school year would be a great opportunity to take advantage of! :)

I’m going to be a senior in high school this year (😰) so I am hoping to go out with a bang! this is the most excited I have been for a school year and I also hope to make it the most successful school year. yes, senior year is deemed to be easy but I still want to challenge myself throughout my last couple of semesters. this year I’ll be taking the courses: AP English, AP Psychology, Gov/Econ, Statistics, and Photography.

I’d like to share my goals for myself that I plan to achieve with you and maybe give you some tips/inspiration to set up for yourself! if you have anything to add to this post, feel free to! just don’t delete my caption, please :)


1) Have no “C” show up on my report card. now, there is nothing wrong with getting a “C”, especially if you tried so hard. you still passed! at my school, we only have A, B, C or F. last year, I really lost discipline over what I had to do and barely passed two classes. and every year before that, I earned a C in all my math classes, I hope to end that pattern this year. I know if I really work hard and put priorities in order, I can get a B in that Stats class.

2) Complete and turn in every assignment, no matter what. I don’t think I can stress just how important it is to have no missing assignments enough. for example, a 3/10 is soo much better than a complete red box. those missing tasks really add up and do affect your grade, so no matter how half-assed the assignment ended up being, turn it in.

3) Ask freaking questions. in all my math/science classes, there has always been an instance where I’m in class, taking notes and then the teacher writes something or says something, and I go “wtf just happened” and then didn’t ask a question because I was afraid to look stupid. (granted, I had a terrible, uncooperative, unhelpful, teacher last year that would actually make fun of me for asking, scoff, then return to the board without giving me an answer, that was so much fun.) but I know that I have to put that fear of looking dumb behind me because I would definitely benefit from getting that answer and most likely help someone else in the class who was scared to ask as well. this also means going to the teacher during office hours or even during class to ask for help. hopefully, you don’t get a teacher like my old one and actually get some help. it is the teacher’s job, after all, just go and ask. they want to see you succeed.

4) Go to all sporting and dance events possible. as great as studying is and as important as it is, don’t spend every single hour of every single day staring at notes and textbooks. it just isn’t good to overload your brain like that and you need a break. studyblrs encourage studying constantly and I don’t think we encourage relaxation and having fun enough as we should. instead of spending your friday nights stressing over monday’s test, go watch the football game! there’s so much school spirit and its so exciting and doing it with friends makes it even better. and instead of skipping out on prom or homecoming or even a silly in the gym dance because you think you need to be spending your weekend revising, go to the dance! you won’t remember your flash cards and notebooks when you look back on high school, you’ll remember the fun things. in ten years, you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things you did do.

5) Become a social butterfly. if you’re anything like me, you experience major FOMO (fear of missing out) very, very often. I’ve always wanted to be friends with everyone and be nice and do my best to make everyone feel loved because everyone deserves to feel like that. it sucks that I’ve waited until my senior year to really change my social life but hey, better late than never. I hope it will carry into college.

6) Narrow down five colleges to apply to in the fall. I kind of know what I want to do with my life, I would love to teach history at the middle school or high school level so I can start there. I live in southern california and I am blessed to have so many options around me. I’m so excited for college! everyone in california wants to go to UCSB, so of course, that’s in my sights but let’s hope I can get in. for applying for college, you have to have a back up for a back up for a backup. but make sure you love all of the choices! it is the next 2-14 years of your life after all 😂

7) Enjoy my last year. I want this year to be a good one, and I want to do that in any way I can. I want to be the best student I can be, that means befriending my teachers and really putting discipline over motivation to good use. I want to be the best friend I can be, that means being there for my friends when they need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on or taking every opportunity to hang out with them. I want to be the best girlfriend I can be, meaning giving my boy all the love he deserves and spending quality time with one another. and be the best me I can be. self care is so important, guys. take time for your well being, it’s so worth it.

I hope some of these goals/tips helped you out for getting ready for this new school year! expect more posts from me, i can’t wait to be active again. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


If I’m completely honest with you, I never used to like you at all… I realise now how wrong I was and I offer this drawing of your face and ask for your forgiveness. (it is of equal value to a big bag of cans with the lads).
Much love,
Robyn. X