❤ Hello, everyone! I’m new to the ACNL Tumblr community. I will be sharing pictures of my town and the code to my dream town (once I’m satisfied with it!). Here’s a sneak peak into my town, Viridian. I recently discovered that Miiverse takes much better screenshots!! This might be common knowledge but I had no clue. Heh 

Come say hello!! :) And if you are a blog that posts any of the following, please like or reblog this post so I can follow you! 

❤ Animal Crossing (obviously!)

❤ Pokemon

❤ Anime screenshots, drawings, cosplay, etc 

❤ Cute aesthetics (pastel colors, cute animals, drawings, anything cute!) 

❤ Your gameplay progress! 


Here’s the recording of my ACNL livestream from yesterday! I had a few of my mods over to my town then a couple people from the chat. I can’t wait to do more streams like this! Sorry the audio is low, I’ll turn up my mic next time. :x