Hi everyone! I’ve decided to hold a giveaway for you all as I haven’t done one in a while. I want to start off by informing you guys of the rules, the rules are: you can only reblog once and you can only like once. 1 reblog + 1 like = 2 entries, you must be following me as this giveaway is for the people that follow me and if you win, you must get back to me within 24 hours otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

The prizes for this giveaway are: 15 million bells, 10 food dlcs, a full golden tool set, your choice of either the sloppy, princess, mermaid, alpine, rococo or minimalist set. Your choice of either marshal, beau, rosie, flora, kyle, molly, julian, ruby or sally. You’ll also get 5 surpise items which are chosen by me and some furniture to help design a room of your choice: bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

This giveaway ends on Saturday the 29th of August at 5pm BST 

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite forest towns? need some inspo!

ahh hello! These are just a few, I know there is a forest town thing out there somewhere. But I need to visit more still! So anyone feel free to reblog and add or reply! (It also depends on your definition of forest town!!)

I’m probably missing some but yeah! There are lots out there, and there is a masterpost somewhere floating around… c: