New Hampshire gothic
  • They have returned for the leaves again. The leaves fascinate them. The leaves compel them. They will return when next the leaves turn red.
  • Somewhere, someone is quoting Robert Frost.
  • There is no spring. There was never spring. There has only ever been the blackflies.
  • What are your neighbor’s names? You can’t seem to recall. Do you have neighbors? There are only trees.
  • The deer are everywhere. The deer hate you.
  • The roads are haunted by the ghosts of all the motorcyclists who didn’t wear a helmet. Sometimes you see lights in the road and wonder.
  • Somewhere, someone is quoting Our Town.
  • The sign warns you to beware of frost heaves. You don’t know what frost heaves are, but you are very afraid.
  • You thought your secret was hidden, buried until it was nothing but a memory. You fool, forgetting that nothing in a small town can ever be forgotten.
  • The woods are encased in ice, shimmering as if made of spun glass. Snow drifts rise higher and higher. It is deadly silent but for the crack of falling branches. Resolutely, a teenage boy in shorts and a heavy sweatshirt trudges on. “It’s not that cold,” he says.
  • The stones whisper to you. “Franklin Pierce,” they say. “Adam Sandler. Dan Brown.” You shiver.
  • “Live Free or Die,” says the politician. Everyone nods. They will never die.

💙 Lupines in the Night by Michael Blanchette on 500px
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☀  "Sugar Hill is a small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Every June, the region blooms with fields of lupines. This photo was taken late evening as the Milky Way ascended in the southeastern sky, through a patch of clouds. Vega is visible in the upper left corner, along with several streaks from passing satellites..“
    Photographer: Michael Blanchette, Bedford, USA