okay, listen for a sec. We all know the “”“"American”“”“” Harry Potter universe houses are trash for many, many reasons. One of the reasons is that America is too big to have just one wizarding school where there are only 4 houses, right? so I propose that we in MA instead start sorting ourselves into these exclusive New England houses I made up as I wrote this post:

-Dunked Donut (those who are loyal to their ideals, strong-willed and hardworking but susceptible to black-and-white thinking)

-Duck Boat (those with a hunger for life experience, sharp and analytical but also impulsive and desperate for thrills)

-Lobster (those who are blue-blood types with a taste for power and the intelligence to lead effectively but tend to be overzealous and can’t appreciate the subtleties of teamwork)

-Murphy, they’re literally just the Dropkick Murphys we made a whole house for them and none of them even attend the school it’s just in case one of them shows up one day


While I’m dreaming, I feel you leaving. //

PVRIS released the most beautiful video art I’ve seen in years for their song “Eyelids” a few days ago, and I’m unashamed to admit I’ve watched it roughly 27 times. Something amazing has been brewing in New England and now its magic is being released for those who are ready to watch it happen.

(p.s. i hate watermarks, but the internet is a sucky place)