New Brunswick
Only In Canada: Dogsled Pulls Owner To Timmies Drive-Thru
"They trust me to tell them where to go, and I trust them to take me there."

There are few things more Canadian than making the best of terrible weather and capping it off with a trip to Tim Hortons.

A snowstorm walloped the Maritimes on Friday, but it didn’t stop New Brunswick dog trainer Allyson Mitton and her pooches from getting their Timmies fix.

Mitton, who lives just outside of Sussex, hooked up a sled to her two border collies, Shift and Braya, and off they went into town.

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Abortion Access in the Maritimes | VICE | Canada
In this edition of VICE Canada Reports, Sarah Ratchford investigates abortion access in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, two provinces with restricted access to abortions and conservative political climates that make access a difficult issue even to discuss.

This should no longer be topical. 

Please take the time to watch this video. It unpacks the lack of abortion access in the eastern Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Access to abortion services in the maritimes are close to non-existent and it is imperative that we raise awareness of this issue. Women and youth in NB and PEI are often silenced due to rapidly ageing and largely conservative populations that dismiss abortion as myth. Please help us to end the silencing nature and regressive politics of our beautiful home by raising awareness of our lack of basic health care procedures. 

Congratulations to Fredericton Youth Feminists for taking a stand.
Stop Mount Allison University from cutting the funding to Women's and Gender Studies

Submitted by momjeanteam

The university that one of my good friends attends recently announced that they’re going to cut funding for their women and gender studies program. It was only available as a minor concentration in the first place, with four courses all taught by one professor. Women’s studies programs are essential to bringing diverse viewpoints and intersectionality to our university campuses and just because a school is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have access to these sorts of courses. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to sign this petition it would be greatly appreciated!