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We never know just how a rescue is going to pan out, and a recent rescue proved just that!

Simon was called out to rescue a mother duck and two ducklings that had become stuck in a raised garden. There was no water nearby (just a busy road) and time was running out to ensure their safety.

We tried (unsuccessfully) to catch the mother duck first but unfortunately she got spooked and flew away, leaving us with just the two babies. After capturing one, amazingly, mum flew back down and we made a last ditch effort to catch her in a net, and we did!

We even managed to catch the second baby as well. Unfortunately there was a small hole in the bag with baby #1 in, and she managed to go missing again!

After a number of hours searching, a helpful member of the public found our lost duckling in a hedge and we managed to reunite the family once more.

We then took them down to a nearby river where they took to their new home, well, like ducks to water!

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56 Chrysler New Yorker by Greg Gjerdingen
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1st Combined Convention 28th Annual National DeSoto Club Convention & 44th Annual Walter P.Chrysler Club Convention July 17 - 21, 2013 Lake Elmo, Minnesota Click link below for more car pictures:…
Donald Trump reportedly just invited the Philippines' America-hating president to the White House
The Philippine president's special adviser Christopher Go said the invitation came during a "very engaging, animated" phone call between Trump and Duterte that lasted "just over seven minutes."

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1963 Pontiac Catalina by Greg Gjerdingen
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28th Annual New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run Finish Stockyard Days Long Lake Regional Park New Brighton Minnesota Mile 118.5 More Car Pictures:…

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Plot: It is nearing the end of your first case as a new profiler at the BAU.  You didn’t expect the job to be anything more than a stepping-stone in your ambitious government career, but things are slowly changing.  If only you could get the unit chief to believe you genuinely care about the team and the case.
Notes: first case (family annihilator), blood (no death)
Word Count: 1204 words
Followers: @traceyaudette, @torontofashiongirl, @criminallysupernatural, @whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

>>This is part of collaboration series.  If you are interested in writing the next part (or becoming a main contributor), please message @drabbly for more information.  All writers are welcome!

“Is this your first crackdown, newbie?” Morgan asked, keeping his eyes on the road.  The team was on its way to visit Lauren Jones’ home and other potential victims.  You, Morgan, and Reid were assigned to check in on Jones’ patients to make sure they were safe and given police patrols until the case was over.

“When I was working Special Victims, we had plenty,” you answered, adjusting the straps of your bulletproof vest, “The CCRSB also, even if it was just white-collar.  And you’d be surprised how often we had to in Human Resources.”

Reid leaned forward between the two fronts seats, “What made you join the BAU?  Some would say your new position here is a step down from your last.”

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