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I am a massive Neville/Luna shipper so I'm having a hard time imagining Neville marrying Hannah Abbott, especially because there's very little information about her. What are your thoughts, headcanons etc. about her?

  • Hannah’s favourite friend in the whole world was Justin Finch-Fletchley.
  • She loved Muggle TV dramas, and watched Beverley Hills 90210 whenever she could.
  • Hannah and Justin would sometimes tease Ernie and do impressions of his pompous nature when his back was turned, but they loved him dearly.
  • Pansy’s gang of Slytherin girls didn’t just focus their attention on Gryffindors – Hannah was bullied just as much as Hermione, and was called things like ‘fat’ and a ‘crybaby’.
  • Hannah couldn’t have children. She and Neville considered adopting, but once she got her position as Matron and he his Professorhood, they were around enough children to last a lifetime.
  • She had a massive crush on Cedric Diggory, which started on her very first day at Hogwarts. Justin and Ernie never understood it.
  • As a result of Pansy’s teasing, Hannah started to skip meals in her third year. As soon as Ernie noticed, he marched her straight to the Hospital Wing to put a stop to it.
  • Hannah and Susan Bones shared a lot of secrets, and would annoy the Hufflepuff boys at times when they whispered about private ‘girl things’ together.
  • Zacharias Smith liked to make fun of her for being rather naïve, and Hannah was forced to put up with it. However, by the time sixth year rolled around she had had enough, and on the train ride to Hogwarts she used the Langlock curse against him. After that, Zacharias learned to hold his tongue a bit.
  • Hannah was a member of Charms club and Gobstones club.
  • She hated exams more than anything. Justin was all right, because although he was smart he didn’t show off, but Susan never seemed to get stressed and Ernie went on about his revision so much that it always sent Hannah into a massive panic.
  • Hannah never really got over her mother’s death. Neville, having pretty much lost his parents too, was the only one who really understood what she was going through, and, after persuasion from Ernie, was the only one who could get Hannah to come back for seventh year.
  • Hannah and Ernie were avid Chocolate Frog card collectors their whole life, and were still swapping cards together during their graduation ceremony.
  • She was secretly in awe of Ginny Weasley, and thought she was the coolest person ever.
  • Malfoy once convinced her in second year that Ginny and Colin Creevey had successfully started that Harry Potter fan club, and Hannah had her quill in hand ready to sign up before Susan pulled her away.
  • Her favourite subject was Charms, and she never liked Defence Against the Dark Arts much.
  • One night in March 1998, the year of Deathly Hallows, Neville and Hannah were alone together in the Hog’s Head, collecting food for the DA. When Aberforth left the room to fetch supplies, Neville and Hannah had their first kiss. She stayed awake in the hammocks all night, whispering about it to Ernie and Susan happily.
George Weasley: I wish I asked you First

A/N: I made this one up, because I love George <3 butttt guys request please ^.^ I love writing for you guys! ENJOY!

The Yule ball was coming up, and all of your friends had dates. You didn’t want to end up going alone, and the Weasley you were waiting for, never got around to asking you, so you said yes to the first guy who asked you.

It seemed as if George had a date already, as you saw him accept the invitation from Felicity Williams, a Blonde Ravenclaw. 

You hated to admit it, but you were jealous. And you really didn’t fancy your date one bit. Henry Daniels, you didn’t really know him, you just knew what he told you “he had a crush on you and would love to get to know you better if you’d go to the Yule ball with him.

You wish you never said yes to him, but at least it could give you an opportunity to make George jealous. 

The day of the yule ball, you and all the girls decided to get ready together. 

“Honestly, Y/N I don’t see why you didn’t just ask him yourself, we all knew he likes you, it’s obvious…” Ginny said as she helped you do your hair in a up-do.

“Ginny, I don’t know why you think he likes me too it’s not like he said no to Felicity, and he never asked me…” she sighs not sure how to respond. 

“Well what do you think?” Hermoine changes the subject stepping into the room in a gorgeous dress. “You look beautiful Hermoine…” you compliment her, and all the other girls agree. “Viktors going to drooling all night…” Ginny teases, and Hermoine blushes.

“Well you should all start putting your dresses on and finish up, the ball isn’t very far now,” Hermoine directs, always the punctual one. 

Ginny finishes your hair, and you go to put on your dress. Your mother sent you the most beautiful dress ever, it was an off the shoulder gown with long sleeves, along skirt that brushes the floor, and a tall slit that showed off one of your legs. You step out and all the girls coo at you and marvel at the dress. You blush, and tell them how lovely they look too.

All the girls went to meet there dates, leaving you alone to find Henry by yourself.

Henry was an interesting fellow, as soon as you said yes to his invitation to the Yule ball he kept following you around, walking you to your classes, and being very clingy. He would try and hold your hand, which made you uncomfortable and sit very close to you.

You walked into the ballroom and down the stairs, all your friends stopped and smiled as you walked in. 

You made eye contact with George he was talking to Felicity, and as you walked in he looked up at you and you’ve never seen him look at you that way. He looked shocked but had a dumb smile on his face, it looked like he didn’t even know he was staring at you. You blushed and looked away. 

Once you go to the bottom of the stairs, Henry popped up right in front of you, out of nowhere. “You look lovely..” Henry said checking you out quite thoroughly, you felt almost violated, “Um thank you…” you answered not sure how to react to him.

“How about we go dance?” he asks, you look over to George who looked preoccupied with Felicity, they both laugh happily. Almost out of vengeance you quickly accept Henry’s invitation to dance, and he whisks you away to the dance floor.

The music was slow and everyone was dancing closely. Henry had his hand dangerously low on your back, and kept his body even closer to yours. You made polite small talk with him, but the whole time you were watching Felicity and George. They were dancing right next to Henry and you, but it was as if he didn’t see you there.

Your attention snapped back to Henry when he asked you if you’d like to go sit down. You nod and he pulls you away from the dance floor, and out of the ballroom. 

“Where are you going?” you ask confused. “Just getting out of there to somewhere a bit more private,” he pulls you into a corner, and puts his hand by the side of your head. “Henry what are you….” “I felt so teased in there dancing so close you your beautiful body… Y/N” You were starting to get really uncomfortable. “Henry you’re being weird….”  

He goes in to kiss you, but you turn your head. “Henry let me go, you’re making me feel weird I don’t want to kiss you…” he corners you so you couldn’t really get out from under him. “Well that’s not very friendly of you is it?” he asks. “Just move out of my way,” you angrily say. He doesn’t move, he grabs your face and turns it towards his. 

“HEY! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS?” a voice calls, George grabs Henry and shoves him away from you. “What the Bloody Hell do you think you’re doing?” George angrily shouts at him. Henry just turns around and starts walking away, not wanting to deal with George.

“Are you alright?” he asks calmly walking over to you, and looking down at you concerned. 

“I’m fine, thank you George.. I was scared for a moment… what are you doing here? shouldn’t you be with Felicity?” 

“Well, I really wanted to be in there with you…” “Felicity was really just asking me to get back at her boy friend, who she’s dancing with now, and I was really just trying to make you jealous…” he bashfully admits looking down.

“I wanted to see if you’d come dance with me, I really wish I’d ask you before that git Henry.” 

You blush, “I only said yes to Henry because you didn’t ask me, and I thought it would make you jealous.” 

George smiles brightly and confidently, “really?” he beams. 

You nod.

“Well come on then… come dance with me and we’ll make everyone jealous together.” You smile and he grabs your hand, and you both make your way back in the ball. When Ginny see’s you both walk in together, she smiles and winks at you. 

Together you and George danced until you were one of the last couples on the floor, and everyone watched you both make fools of yourself on the dance floor the whole night. 

When the last song was playing and George had his hand on your waist, and was waltzing with you slowly. He smiled and then leaned down into your ear, and whispered “I really wish I asked you first.”