You know what I need more of.

I need more Neville and ginny bromance. I need ginny and Neville often get together and study together in the library and they talk about potions and why snaps hates Neville, and charms and “if I tried to leverage Ron in his sleep do you think he’d notice” “no ginny you can’t charm your brothers”, I need Neville helping Ginny with herbology, and I need them talking about their school experiences, and Neville saying something about its obvious Ginny’s brave after the chamber, and then one day she falls asleep while they’re studying and has a nightmare about the chamber and it’s her fourth year and that’s when he realizes that she’s still affected by it. But she swears him to secrecy because she’s worried that if word gets around people will think she’s weird and she just starting making a name for herself outside of being a weasley. And I just need Neville/Ginny being Bros because they’re both a little lonely and a little intimidated by the family name they carry around with them and everybody’s expectations for them because of their families.



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Aaaand, the diaporama of them all together.
My aim was to draw some of my favorite HP caracters doing something relaxing, that they enjoy. Because they have so many dangerous adventures… i wanted to see them having a rest.

So now it’s over -for now- and I’m returning to my work. XD (work is a comic about a love adventure King Francis of France had… Not nearly as fascinating as HP related stuff, but well… at least I turned King Francis into a pretty young man x3)