2. Gryffindor seventh years setting up an extensive race track around the Hogwarts grounds and using it for irl Mario Kart complete with blue shells charmed to follow the person in first, and pots of ink to impair your rival’s vision

It all went fine until one second year dared them to recreate rainbow road.

Blurbs: Summer Days


“Did we really need to plant everything today?” you sighed as you sank into the hammock beside Neville. The two of you had been outside all day, planting everything you had grown in your greenhouse over the winter months. The landscaping was far from over, but at least your patio was surrounded in foliage.

“We didn’t have to Y/N, but you really wanted to get that patio done,” Neville yawned as he draped his arm around you. “Do we have any other plans today besides gardening?” You closed your eyes, as the warmth from Neville’s arm decreased the ache of your muscles.

“Well, we were invited to a garden party today, but I think I’ve had enough of gardens for one day,” you purred, as Neville’s hand lightly traced circles on your arm.

“We need a lazy day,” Neville breathed. “How about we just doze on the hammock and bask in the beauty of our work.” You nodded in agreement, your mind allowing itself to relax after a hard day outside.

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“Draco?” you called as you opened the door to the living room. “I’ve been waiting for you outside. Are you coming?” The two of you planned to spend the day wondering the grounds of the estate, but after waiting ten minutes from Draco to emerge, you decided to investigate. Your mouth dropped when you saw Draco, dressed in a full suit, and all the furniture lining the edges of the room. Before you could ask what was going on, he was walking toward you,

“It’s too hot for walking outside. How about dancing inside with me?” Your body responded before your words did, drawing you closer to him until his arms wrapped around your waist. 

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“George, why did we have to rush out to the beach so quickly? It’s nearly lunch, and we didn’t pack ourselves anything,” you asked.  George was eager to beat the crowds at the beach and decided that it was a good idea to leave early in the morning before you had your morning coffee. Needless to say, you ran out without thinking about your future food needs or his. Now that it was almost lunch, your stomach growled spoiling your previously cheerful mood.

 “Hey I know what will get your mind off of food for a while,” George smirked as he leaned over, his lips tickling the sides of your neck. You shoved George away, your giggles turning his sly smile into a frown. “Fine, let’s go on a food hunt then I’m definitely coming back for that kiss” 

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Anne Neville and Pregnancy 

So me and darkphoenixgoddess10 saw posts going around for a while know about historical woman and there pregnancies and we wanted to create one for Anne. 

These are all (Expect for Edward of Middleham of course) taken from fiction. Although the only living child we know is Edward, Anne possible could have had other pregnancies we didn’t know about. I suspect she probably did. I’d say she had any between 3 and 5 pregnancies. But that’s my own opinion. 

Unnamed boy (The Seventh Son)
Edward of Middleham (Historical)
Miscarriage (Sunne in Splendour)
Cecily of Middleham (The White Queen by Frances Irwin)
Miscarriage (The Seventh Son)

Special thanks to madeleine92posts for helping me find the 12th still.

Ok so it’s Harry’s birthday today and you know Teddy celebrated with the Potters & the Weasleys (and Neville etc.), but you also know that at midnight, once everyone had left and James, Albus and Lily were in bed, Harry would find him up in the attic, staring at the blue moon out of the skylight