- You promised me… - You say angry without moving. - … that you’ll let me go… - You see him.

- See, I changed the deal. You are staying. - He says after 1 minute of silence.

- I’m not your prisioner. - He gets of his knees and comes nose to nose with you.

- You are anything I want you to be. - He sees your lips. - Now you’re mine, and you can’t change that.


❛sometimes he’s evil but,
wicked never rests.❜

(few flashes so heads up)
ac: kayster

Imagine: The Takeaway

We had been a couple for almost 5 years which was a pretty short period of time back in Neverland but because I wasn’t used to having to much time it felt like a little eternity for me. I left the island almost one year ago and returned to my hometown. Still, thinking back to my time there hurt. I have done something totally wrong and foolish back there. Till this day I still can’t explain why I did it or how it happened. I don’t know if Peter used magic or not. Probably not because in that moment it felt so right and explainable. I had been a foolish little girl back then thinking that Peter actually cared for me. It was a very sunny day. The sun was burning hot eventhough the day was close to its end. I escaped into the woods because there it was at least a little colder than back at camp. I walked for about half an hour until I found a place where I could endure the heat better. I sat down on a tree stump and breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly I heard leaves cracking right in front of me. Peter appeared only some inches away from me. I looked up at him totally confused about his appearing. We broke up about 5 months ago. Meanwhile he found a new girlfriend. Wendy. Wendy Darling. My expression turned from confusion to pain when all the thoughts I used to push away just rained down on me. The reason why Peter left me was actually this girl. She arrived in Neverland about a year ago. At first Wendy was totally uninteresting for Peter he didn’t even care about her or her presence. But they became closer when Wendy helped Pan defeating some demons that suddenly appeared on the island. From that day on they hung around more often and he used to sit next to her instead of me sometimes. They spent a lot of time together and one day he just admitted that he had no feelings for me anymore. I saw them two growing closer and closer and then finally they got together. I was so unbelievably hurt and desperate I didn’t even know how to react to the fact that another girl was better than me. I started to spread rumors about her and tried to cast a negative light on her but none of my plans worked out. Peter didn’t change his mind and the lost boys also didn’t seem to stick by me. They accepted her pretty much the same way they accepted me. Immediately and without any effort. I really tried to accept the fact that it was over and that Peter found someone new to be happy with. But it didn’t really work out. I continued stealing glances at them two and especially at Pan and noticed that I was still completely in love him. But honestly he really didn’t make things easier with his handsome appearance or his goddamn sexy British accent. I was so defenseless. My heart still raced when I talked to him and I was still trying to look as good as possible everyday. I tried to persuade myself that it wasn’t for him but actually everything I did was. I did everything he wanted me to do and even more without complaining. I extended my hunting trips to the woods about one whole hour only because he asked me to. I stayed up all night to make hammocks for the lost boys who had to sleep on the ground. I did all the cooking and the laundry alone. I knew that my behavior was dump but I couldn’t help. I was desperately in love with this unbelievably charming and sassy boy. He just fascinated me. If I could kiss him only for one last time. If I could feel his soft warm lips on mine again. Only for a moment only one second. Peter knelt down and smirked at me. “Something wrong?” He asked sneeringly. “Why would you even care. What do you want Pan?” I asked him trying to act as cold as possible towards him. “Nah nah (Y/N).Why so rude today?.” He asked snorting while getting on his feet again. I jumped up from my stump and looked him right in the eyes. His face was only an inch away from mine. “Don’t pretend to know how I feel Pan because you don’t. Do you have the slightest idea about what you did to me?” I asked him with a hurt look in my eyes. “Listen (Y/N) I know that I made some mistakes.. But can’t we just forget about them all for at least a minute.” He said with a seductive smile on his face. “Only just a minute.” His glance turned into a caring soft look. His voice calming and cautious. He moved in even closer and tried to caress my cheek. Before he could touch me I pushed his hand away. “Don’t you touch me.” I said trying to walk backwards but my back hit a tree. He put his hands on the trunk right beside my head, capturing me. He leaned in closer and stopped right in front of my face. “Come on (Y/N) we both know that you want it.” He said with a seductive smile on his face. I tried to fight him off but honestly? I didn’t want to. I wanted to kiss him. “You have a girlfriend Peter.” I said turning away. I could feel him coming closer. His hot breath in my ear sent chills all over my body. “Does that really matter?” He asked. And in that moment I knew he won. I didn’t want to defend myself any longer. Kissing Peter was the only wish I had. I knew that I was just about to do the wrong thing. Peter was Wendy’s boyfriend. But surprisingly I didn’t care about that anymore. “I only want you.” He whispered. And I turned my head to face him. Our lips were almost touching. I felt heat coming up and my heart pounded against my chest. Only one kiss. What was so wrong about a single kiss? I looked at his eyes and then glanced down on his lips. They looked so perfect and soft. I squeezed my eyes shut when our lips finally touched. The kiss felt so soft and tender. He was so cautious and backed me up against the tree even more as if he wanted to protect me. He grabbed my waist and I put my arms around his neck. Our kiss got more and more intense and I never wanted it to stop. When we broke apart I was completely shocked. Not only by the breathtaking kiss he just gave me but about what I had just done. I realized that what just happened was the most cruel and selfish thing I ever did. Kissing Peter eventhough he had a girlfriend. I put my hand on my mouth and looked at Peter bug eyed. I was breath- and speechless. “What the hell did we just do?” I asked him panicking. “Calm down (Y/N). It was only just a kiss.” He said staying totally cool. How the hell did he manage that. I was so close to a breakdown. “Just a kiss? You just cheated on your girlfriend. Do you even realize what that means?” I asked him in disbelief. He didn’t seem to get the situation. “Goddamn Peter!” I shouted. “Why did you do this?” I went through my hair nervously. “Because I wanted to have a little fun.” I glanced at him with a furious look in my eyes. “Oh I got it. All this, it was just one of your fucking games again.” I said snorting. Peter had such a satisfied smile on his face. I was so close to punching him. “Just tell me one last thing..” I said tears rolling down my face. “Did you ever care about me?” I tried to hide the pained expression on my face. The moment I realized that all this was just a game to him… That he just used me.. I could never explain the pain I felt in that moment. Suddenly his expression changed. His look turned from mockery into seriousness. “I did.”  He said. And with that I turned around and left him. I left him I left the lost boys and I left Neverland. I never came back. And I never found out about what happened to them. But honestly? I didn’t even want to know. I just wanted to forget about it. And until today it worked out pretty good. I even got it so far that falling asleep was possible again and that without having to think about what I had done back then constantly. That was until that night. I left my window open out of habit and when I was just about to fall asleep I heard a knock. I jumped and started from my half sleep. “Who’s there?” I asked cautiously. No answer. Maybe I was just hallucinating. But suddenly I saw a black shadow appearing in front of my bed. It took a step forward right into the moonlight. “Peter?” I asked puzzled. “What the hell are you doing here?”I whispered in shock trying to move backwards but the wall prevented me from moving further away from him. “I came to tell you that I’m very sorry about what happened… And..” He hesitated. “What?” I asked him trying to hold back my anger and especially my tears. All the memories wanted to rush into my head but I pushed them away. “What do you want from me Peter?” I shouted at him. Tears were rolling down my face eventhough I really tried to fight them back. “I want you to come with me.. Come back to Neverland.. Please (Y/N).. I can’t even explain what a huge mistake the relationship with Wendy was.. She never really mattered.. I broke up with her only for you.. Don’t you get it? I only love you.. Do you have the slightest idea of  how much time I spent thinking about you since you’re gone?” He really just tried to convince me that he wanted me back and that he loved me. Was Peter Pan even able to love people? I couldn’t believe it. A new start? Never. “And now? Do you really think I’m coming back to Neverland? With you? Do you really think that everything’s alright again because of.. a simple apology? You know what Peter? Fuck off. You have no idea about what you did to me. YOU don’t have the slightest idea of how much time I spent crying over you. You know what? Just get the fuck out of my room. And don’t you dare ever coming back.” I shouted with a shaking voice sending him out. “(Y/N) please don’t do that to me.” He said with a pleading look in his eyes. “I shouldn’t do that to you? Why did you come back Peter.. Why did you do THAT to me? Just go away. Leave! And never ever come back again.” I said crying hardly now. He stepped closer trying to caress my back but before he could even touch me I slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me you fucking idiot. Just don’t.” I shouted at him. I just wanted him to disappear and to take all the pain with him. He stood there with a desperate and hurt look in his eyes. And then he was gone. Finally. I looked out of my window where the stars to Neverland twinkled for a second before they disappeared. Suddenly my door swung open. It was my mom. “Are you okay?” She asked. She probably woke up from my shouting. “I’m fine..” I was still sobbing. “Just a bad dream. But it’s okay mom don’t worry.” She looked at me with a very sorry expression on her face and left the room. “Sleep well.” My mom said before closing the door. Suddenly a green glow appeared and I passed out. The next morning when I woke up I was in a very good mood.. because I didn’t even remember last night. I didn’t remember what Peter said because I didn’t even know who Peter Pan was anymore. I forgot about him and about my time in Neverland. Peter really took all the pain away.. but with him my memories also left. And eventhough I didn’t know who Peter Pan was deep inside I was very thankful for his deed.  


Sorry for not posting so long but here’s a new imagine I hope you guys like it! I’ll work on the requests you sent me now:) ||still taking requests|| and sorry if the imagine is not thaat good haha it’s very hot outside.. Have a nice day!

Blue Suit Strawberry


- (Y/n). - You turn around a see Pan.

- Yes, Sir? - You ask nervously.

- There’s something wrong with my bed. - He comes closer and you look at him.

- What is it? I can check it right now if you want. - He smirks.

- No, nothing like that. - You frown confused.

- Then what is it? - He sees you and comes closer to your ear.

- You’re not in it. - You blush nervously and he sees you.

- Sir, I don’t know what to… - You feels his lips on yours and start kissing him.