Having a strong support system and learning to love yourself, which is a never-ending journey and challenge, is something that will be your survival mechanism. Self-love, taking care of yourself, finding all the beautiful things that there are to love, learning to be a tough cookie and not really listen to anybody. Because it won’t go anywhere. It isn’t like you get out of middle school and high school is so much better, no. And then you get out of high school and then you’re like, “Oh, college life is so much fun!” and then you’re like, “No, this is awful!” and then you get to your first job and you’re like, “Wow, everyone here is an asshole too!” So, you know, there’s always going to be an obstacle. There’s always going to be challenging company and people of opposite views and people who tell you that you need to change something but looking at bad as obstacles and opportunities for personal growth is the healthiest way to outlast the bullying. My Nonna still deals with people– she lives in a retirement home, and there’s still people there who are such bitches! Why? You’re 90! Isn’t it done now? Do you get to stop being mean, ever?
—  Ariana on dealing with bullying (x)
❝ I’ve an eternity with you ❞

Plot: You’re Super Junior’s manager and all of you are vampire. But you and Yesung hate each other so Lee Sooman puts both of you in the same house. With the time both start to develop feelings and in the end he can’t stand the situation anymore and tells the truth.

Pairing: YesungxReader

Genre: Vampire!Au  

Words count: 5,3k+ 

For our cutie @vintage-misery16, (FINALLY!!) I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

The screen in front of you illuminated part of your face, while your mood became more and more black at every second that passed.  

You had specified to not reveal anything about the new project, indeed you had forbidden the most inclined to let slip information to literally keep their mouth shut. And yet there he is, on the screen, with his smile that openly challenged your impositions.  

You never knew how it was possible that Yesung was still alive after all that time. His voice sounded faintly in your ears when you took your headphones off, getting out of the door like a fury ready to sink your teeth into someone’s flesh.  

It had become unbearable to endure that man, his never-ending challenges, his faking to be a little angel when everyone knew how swaggering, arrogant and bad he was to the others.  

When the members of the group continued to attribute that behavior to the fact that he had undergone the transformation recently, you kept repeating that no, Kim Jongwoon, was a devil already before becoming a vampire.  

The transformation wasn’t an event that happens at all. More than five hundred years ago there had been a war and no one knew how, but some soldiers had developed a particular gene. All kept assuming that they had been experiments, covered by the Government, which had resulted in untoward results. The fact that some soldiers had become “vampires”, feeding on the blood of their comrades blinded by a violent thirst, could only be attributed to some kind of experiment. It wasn’t possible that the human population, suddenly, became a species of herd of hungry animals without control.  

With the passing of centuries, the remaining humans - or those who didn’t carry the gene - and the vampires had learned to live together, although the mutated population still had some difficulty in keeping their canine safe in their own mouth.  

And here you are, that you had undergone your transformation at only 16 years. Yes, all were born as mere human beings, without worries if they had within themselves the mutant gene. The age in which the change often occurred was in the twentieth; seldom it happened before. And it was this that surprised your parents, completely human, when they saw their daughter completely healthy become a monster.  

And it had been that the day when, after being kicked out of your own house, a gentleman with a kind appearance (perhaps too much, you would have begun to think after a few years) welcomed you into his home, gave you an instruction and everything that a person could even want. It was the 1940 and your immortal life began.  

“DAMN IT!”  

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tea time for @zedsdead1001. prompt: spa day

levi doesn’t like people touching him. getting his haircut is torture, fingers running through his hair, each tug making him feel like he is being drawn and quartered. hand shakes are like mini iron maidens, clamping around and bleeding him out dry with quiet anxiety.

no. levi doesn’t like people touching him.

but erwin knows that he’s different. he’s got “the magic touch”. he wants to treat levi nice for their one year anniversary. wants to see those muscles in his back slump with relaxation. wants to see levi’s face sink into something the resembles comfort. levi is a never ending complexity of challenges. a rubix cube that scrambles just before the solution is discovered. being with levi has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating years of his life.

erwin’s heart flutters as he hears the apartment door open.

levi comes in and closes the door behind him and goes to pull his shoes off at the entryway. “oi, what the fuck is all this?” he says loud enough so erwin can hear him–wherever he may be.

“come into the bedroom!” erwin shouts back.

levi rolls his eyes. he had asked for a quiet night inside. he had never been one for sweet nothings or tradition. he wouldn’t admit it anybody, but having erwin is a treat enough in itself. erwin’s the catch of the god damn century.

the lights are out except for the hall nightlight and the soft golden glow coming from the open bedroom door. levi arches an eyebrow and follows his nose.  it smells like lavender and rosemary, a smell he enjoys very much. it’s clean and earthy, and he lets his guard down, lets his shoulders sink as he peeks his head into the bedroom.

“happy anniversary, darling.” erwin says softly. he’s dressed in all white–tight fitting polo shirt and cleanly pressed slacks. levi can see the outline of his pecs, and how large his thighs are against the stretch of his pants. he swallows. his eyes trail up, counts every strand of misplaced hair across his forehead, soft and without product–just like how he likes it.  their bed is covered in rose petals and there’s lines of expensive scented candles lit and placed on any available flat surface. on the nightstand is a small water fountain playing ambient music.

levi runs his hand against his nape. he doesn’t really know what to do with himself, how he’s supposed to react to something so romantic. so he says the only thing he can think of to say: “is this fucking enya?”

erwin is taken aback for only a fraction of second, but he’s fluent in levi now. he knows what he means. he knows what levi’s doing, but so does erwin. “i am not sure. shall i change it?”

levi looks down. lets it all sink in. the lack of pressure to do anything, the quiet night at home, the ridiculously cliche decorations, erwin dressed like an incredibly handsome fucking masseuse… erwin understands him so well, and he just struggles to comprehend how.

erwin notices, and steps forward to wrap his arms around levi. his hands trail across his body, lets one rest in dark hair, the other taking levi’s hand and interlacing their fingers. he presses his cheek against the top of his head, lets himself smile as he hears levi sigh against his chest.

“so what are we doing?” levi asks, his nose buried in erwin’s shirt.

“well,” he starts, pulling their bodies apart so he can look down at him. he runs a hand along levi’s cheek, and he can feel the heat on his palm. “i figure we get you undressed and oiled up on that bed.”

levi chokes back a laugh. “and then what?”

“i’ll work out all those knots in your back.”

“and then what?”

“and your legs.”

“and then what?”

erwin grins. “we’ll see where the night takes us, darling.”

[TsukiAni] Ending Themes Lineup

In addition to the announcement that TsukiAni. will be releasing DVD and Blu-ray versions of the anime, the DVD/BD information page at the official TsukiAni. website has revealed the titles of the ending themes (a total of 12 songs so far, one for each character.) There’s quite a long post ahead!

stella~Kinpika Joushou Kibun~
(stella〜きんぴか上昇気分〜, stella~Glittering Rising Feeling~)
by: Shiwasu Kakeru (Kaji Yuki)

amor~Afuredasu Omoi kara~
(amor~溢れだす想いから~, amor~From These Overflowing Feelings~)
by: Kisaragi Koi (Masuda Toshiki)

pluvia~Uso to Nukumori~
(pluvia〜嘘と温もり〜, pluvia~Lies and Warmth~)
by: Minaduki Rui (Aoi Shouta)

athletic~Never Ending Challenge!!~
by: Kannaduki Iku (Ono Kensho)

cerasus~Sakuranamiki ni Michibikarete~
(cerasus〜桜並木に導かれて〜, cerasus~Led to the Cherry Blossom Trees~)
by: Uduki Arata (Hosoya Yoshimasa)

(caelum〜未来〜, caelum~The Future~)
by: Satsuki Aoi (KENN)

by: Haduki You (Kakihara Tetsuya)

nox~Kaze no Record~
(nox〜風のレコード〜, nox~Record of the Wind~)
by: Nagatsuki Yoru (Kondo Takashi)

initium~Hajimari Tsugeru Hyourin~

by: Mutsuki Hajime (Toriumi Kousuke)

ver~Utayomidori no Koe~
(ver〜歌詠鳥の声〜, ver~The Bush Warbler’s Voice~)
by: Yayoi Haru (Maeno Tomoaki)

mare~Kimi to Tsudzuru Koukai Nisshi~
(mare〜君と綴る航海日誌〜, mare~The Logbook I Wrote with You~)
by: Fuduki Kai (Hatano Wataru)

albion ~Futari Dake no Shiro~
(albion〜ふたりだけの白〜, albion~A White Just for the Two of Us~)
by: Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei)

I dont remember when did I lose track of my weight or how much kilos did I gain.

But its depressing, every kilo I gained is a burdern im carrying, is another disappointment I had to go through & face.

Im just tired, im tired of watching every bite I eat in every meal, tired of the scale & the jeans size & all the outfits I cant wear just because “genaby”, tired of the never ending 30 days challenges to motivate myself & the joking around comments that hurt, the tough love my mother show thinking it motivates yet it does nothing but trigger the insecurities i’ve been carrying for years & trying to just swallow & understand.

I have been struggling for years with my body image, recently, & just recently, I started to love myself & embrace this image.

But I happen to be just my mother, accepting my body when its fit & closer to the image I want but when I lose the track, I get detached & hate myself & it shows, it shows on everything & I start to be this heavy, depressed & disappointing version of myself.

I just wish I can be the same girl everyone thinks I am, the girl that is confident & doesnt give a damn about what ppl think of her.

That believes in her beauty & thinks is sexy & attractive no matter what.

But its hard & im tired.

Really tired & wish I can just sit there & be loved unconditionally till all my insecurities run away & hide.

Unfortunately, it seems like this is my job & it seems like, admitting I lost track is just my way of telling myself that its time to start a new life time challenge that starts with another 30 days challenge.

I dont want to end 2017 with this burden & Im praying God grant me the strength to give myself this gift this time & not be another disappointment on my shoulder!

It is an unpredictable, capricious, tenacious, a destroyer of careers, families and relationships, and it is worth more money and research effort - not only for what we learn about the disease itself, but for the light that would be shed on infertility, immunology, and the connection between the illness and psychological states. When i had surgery i was given the impression that i would recover in the same way as i would recover from a broken wrist; there might be the odd twinge in wet weather. Nothing and no one prepared me for the profound derangement of my body that disease and efforts at cure would bring. i have endometriosis. This can cause internal bleeding, scars and cysts. i get severe abdominal cramps and pain that can flare up at any time. It also decreases the effectiveness of my immune system causing chronic fatigue. Yes it hurts and is exhausting. Yes it is why i need more rest….no THERE IS NO CURE. THIS IS MY NORMAL. This disease will stop your life completely and become incapable of living. You will work twice as hard for half the success in life. It’s not living at all. i battle against my body every single day….a battle my own body is losing. my body slowly betrays me….this disease is emotional, never ending, disabling, overwhelming, mentally challenging, exhausting, testing, restricting, isolating, obstructs, is stressful and saps energy.

In one sentence endometriosis is: a chronic gynecological malfunction which causes SERIOUS pain, infertility, digestive and bowel problems, exhaustion, cysts, adhesions and can lead to abdominal organs sticking together….and that’s just the start of it!!!!!

Endometriosis is a common problem in women’s health and needs to be recognized for the impact it has on a woman’s life due to chronic pain, infertility and ultimately quality of life. Though it receives a lot of attention, i still see that it is not regarded by many employers etc. as a serious condition as it should be. The medical condition is a result of the proliferation (growth) of the endometrium (uterine lining) occurring in other places other than the inside of the uterus. As the tissue (wherever it is located) cycles each month in the areas not designed to handle the menstrual cycle it causes scarring and pain and infertility for many reasons. *Endometriosis has been found not only in the pelvis of  women with pelvic pain/infertility, but also has been located in such unusual places as the lung, nose, lymph nodes, etc. There is more than one theory as to how this menstrual tissue finds its way to various parts of the body.

It’s time to end the silence, please help me and over 176 million women spread awareness. 

anonymous asked:

Hi ! If it's not asking to much, can you make a list of tsukiuta song which would be realised soon, please ? I'm a little lost about what song is realised and what song would be realised. If you can't do the list it's OK. Thank you ! Bye ~

Sure thing! I think this list could be helpful to a lot of people.

2016.08.12 - Yuki Wakaba ( wonderful world~5月病をぶっ飛ばせ!~ )
2016.08.19 - Terase Yuno (My Longing)
2016.08.26 - Himekawa Mizuki ( 夢守唄 )
                   - Six Gravity (GRAVITIC-LOVE )
                   - Procellarum (LOLV -Lots of Love- )
2016.09.02 - Motomiya Matsuki ( 戯れ囃子に恋い焦がれ )
2016.09.09 - Asagiri Akane ( セピア -SEPIA- )
2016.09.16 - Ichisaki Reina ( Night Before Halloween )
2016.09.23 - Tendouin Tsubaki ( 嘆きの谷のカメーリア )
2016.09.30 - Shiwasu Kakeru ( stella~きんぴか上昇気分~ )
                   - Kisaragi Koi ( amor~溢れだす想いから~ ) 
2016.10.28 - Minaduki Rui ( pluvia~嘘と温もり~ )
                   - Kannaduki Iku ( athletic~Never Ending Challenge!!~ )
2016.11.25 - Uduki Arata ( cerasus~桜並木に導かれて~ )
                   - Satsuki Aoi ( caelum~未来~ )
2016.12.23 - Haduki You ( sol~Happy!Phew!~ )
                   - Nagatsuki Yoru ( nox~風のレコード~ )
2017.01.27 - Mutsuki Hajime ( initium~始告氷輪~ )
                   - Yayoi Haru ( ver~歌詠鳥の声~ )
2017.02.24 - Fuduki Kai ( mare~君と綴る航海日誌~ )
                   - Shimotsuki Shun ( albion~ふたりだけの白~ )
2017.03.24 - A secret song I don’t know who will sing (probably all 12 of them??) that will be used on the last episode of Tsukiani!!

In other words we will have new Tsukiuta songs every week till September and new songs monthly after that. We will have new songs till next year wow!!! XDXD

life is a never ending struggle never lose hope, face challenges and you will walk through storms emerging stronger.

iam a retired gynecologist . when i review my life i feel there is no retirement in life in its true sense.

life is a never ending journey where new challenges emerge at different stages of life. every chapter in life has different priorities. 

at the beginning of every chapter one must re-set goals and strive to achieve them .

life in itself is the biggest university . no cambridge or oxford can compare with it. every individual can get a PhD here, if we really want to.

i thought retirement is to relax and be happy, but life is not so simple. it is intricate with unexpected twists and turns.

unforeseen situations arise , unexpected challenges and unsolved puzzles emerge afresh .

as a single parent i was very busy all these years concentrating on earning money and discharging responsiblites. now when i look around me i see my children settled,  busy with their lives.

now they are busy earning money and taking care of their responsibilities.

even if my loved ones want to give time for me ,they are unable to do as they are busy in their lives.

same cycle of life is repeating itself.  then i was busy, now they are busy.

in this cycle of earning money and disccharging responsibilities, no one has the time to search for emotions,feelings, warmth ,love and affection.

without feelings and emotions there is no satisfaction and  no happiness.

little time we get to unwind from work stress and that is through browsing on our smart phones. 

this is life of today.

now again iam ready for another journey in ‘pursuit of happiness’

how i will negotiate this journey is the unanswered question.

i need to evaluate my inner strength from a new perspective, review my experience of 6 decades of life and embark upon my new journey.

every chapter in life is a new experience . unless i read all chapters i will not know what is written there , so it is mandatory to go through all pages of life thoroughly.

main challenge to face post retirement is availablity of ample free time and how to utilise it.

i dont prefer going back to my profession as i feel enough work stress i had working in saudi arabia for 16 years.

as a gynecologist i had enough stress of medico legal issues.

iam tired of all that i feel

now what should i do further ? 

so many issues to be addressed 

psychological, health and social issues and of course the associated monetory problems .

i think i will deal with each issue in a methodical way 

“”i also feel my experience can help in women empowerment , and throw light on problems faced by women in post retirement phase, especially single females who are reasonably independent financially””

what best we can do for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the society , let us analyse ourselves and come forward with new ideas and ways to implement them.

i believe that women have unlimited potential irrespective of age and it is time to channelise our energies.

this is an open platform where in like minded women can come forward, discuss with open minds and proceed towards a meaningful ‘post retirement” phase.

bye for now


Take a chance

This drabble is inspired by Arrow’s latest episode and Felicity’s impressive urging of Oliver (the scene in the gif). Enjoy!


There were two types of people in Oliver’s life; the ones he trusted to stay and the ones he knew were temporary. To him, most people fit into the latter category. Even the ones he had known for years made it to that second list. As far as he was considered, every person he has even known or loved could leave him in the blink of an eye.  His family fit easily into that description as well, be it his mother with her never ending lies or his sister with her ideals and insistence on digging up the truth. No one in Oliver’s life stayed. No one but Felicity Smoak, that is.

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