Fangirl Challenge: [1/7] heartbreaking scenes/moments

↳Doctor Who | The Family of Blood

I’m John Smith.
That’s all I want to be. John Smith.
With his life. And his job. And his love.
Why can’t I be John Smith? Isn’t he a good man?


ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone 
and this house just ain’t no home anytime she goes away 

radruby requested: scallison + 51


in his blurred vision she became a mess of fabric, pale flesh and silky curls that was instinctually pleasing to him, her chest heaved up and down with flooded emotion that she fought to keep within her ribcage even as it sought to push past her lips. a lump formed in his throat at the sight of her, his jaw went slack as his mouth quivered with anticipation. 

she was as rare as the most precious jewel, even more so, with a fire inside that was desperate to be freed. how could he ever resist?

Game Typography Challenge
↳ day 2: use the last words said in a game

[THANKS TO] New Challenge - Woohyun

To my #1 fans, father, mother, big brother, who helped for me to be able to make music, you gave me a great strength and faith when I started singing when I was young, that’s why I was able to work even harder. To CEO Lee Jungyeop who led me who didn’t know anything about music, not only with music but when I made mistakes you gave me sharp advices, when the members were having a hard time you became our biggest friend, you listened to our worries, there’s no one like CEO Lee Jungyeop in the world, thanks a lot for your warm heart making you always approach others sincerely. To Inspirits who won’t become a happy ending but a never ending, I love you.

No matter how hard I’m trying to make you feel how happy I am that this album came out, I always feel that I’m lacking so I will work even harder.

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Daisuke Takahashi, In the Garden of Souls || NHK Trophy 2011 (x)

Strive for five challenge — [3/5] Romantic Ships: Rikki Chadwick & Zane Bennett (H2O: Just Add Water)

"Zane, the list of reasons why we should never ever go out is endless. On top of that is the fact that up until a few days ago, the thought of you made me want to hurl." “And now?” “I… I find you less repulsive.” “Progress.”


30 Day OTP Challenge : Day Twelve - Making out


You’ve just been Lubitsch’d… and Hitchcock’d… and Moffat’d.

The other days