With a lot of pain in my upper body and the need for more recovery days b/w workouts, I’m finding time to focus on my legs this off season. While I know I’m lacking in my arms and shoulders, I can’t just push through injuries.

I’m competitive. I hate when things aren’t just how I want them to be. I HATE BEING INJURED. BUT- I can guarantee, NO ONE will beat my legs next competition season.

  • Me:I want someone to buy me flowers and take me on a date because no ones ever done either one of those for me.
  • Person:no one does that stuff anymore lol so don't feel down about it.
  • Me:I don't give a fuck. I want flowers and a fucking date.

Your relationship should feel easy. You’ll go through hard times and arguments and mistakes, but there should be an ease about the way you communicate and solve problems. There shouldn’t be confusion or hidden agendas. Vulnerability should be comfortable and you should be able to be completely open and honest without fear. If it doesn’t feel easy, it’s not the right relationship. You shouldn’t have to force anything. It should feel like you’ve known each other forever. I can’t stress enough the importance of waiting for the right person before settling down. Don’t settle for anything less than that.