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Yeah, sure, but romance is not going to happen.

Ok, anon. I’ll play along. Since you seem so invested in this idea of there not being a romance. ;)

I don’t care. I don’t care if there’s a ‘romance’, or if there’s a ‘reylo kiss’, or if Rey and Kylo get married and make beautiful, angry babies.

You know what I care about? Watching the rest of a trilogy that honors the key relationships and dynamics that The Force Awakens established.

So, what did we see? We saw Rey enter a wider world, accepting that she had to leave Jakku else she’d waste her life there, waiting for a family who were never coming back. We saw her take the first steps in her heroine’s journey, from girl to goddess.

We watched her make friends for perhaps the first time in her nineteen years. First BB-8, then Finn and, of course, Han Solo. The death of the mentor is a traumatic moment for the hero, a moment where there’s no going back.

You know what complicates things? The guy who did that, who killed the person she felt was like the father she’d never had? He developed a big old classic villainous crush on her.

Yep, the evil and terrifying Kylo Ren has compassion for the scavenger. This is a guy who prides himself on feeling nothing for anyone, and it’s tearing him apart. He is lost, delusional, somehow thinks he’s on the right side of history. He does despicable things. And he’s still tempted by the light. When he kills his father, hoping it will finally extinguish that light inside him, it only weakens him further.

I am intrigued, anon, and I suspect that you are too. Why else would you be sending a stranger on the Internet anonymous messages about it? It’s a good story, right? This powerful man, who commits terrible crimes, is defeated by an untrained scavenger. She rejects his offer to teach her and then brutally scars his face. And throughout the movie, he’s looking at her like this

And this

And this

That’s what I’m here for, anon. That’s what the other ‘reylo shippers’ are here for, if I may be so bold and attempt to speak for them. Because, you know, we’re a bunch of individuals who probably all interpreted the movie in our own ways.

I want to see what the hell happens next. I want to know why Kylo Ren felt the need to examine Rey’s loneliness, her fear, and then looked oddly as if it had affected him. Why she looked into his mind, too, and saw that he was just as frightened, something he’s probably not shared with another living soul. Why even when she’d called him a monster and kicked his ass, and left him in the snow with his new wounds, he still never looked at her with the anger we saw him display for others who’d dared defy him.

I can’t wait to find out why Rey has become part of Kylo Ren’s call to the light, and how it might affect her journey once she realizes it.