I like westerns and honestly this was a pretty good 1960′s western. There were just a few things wrong with it. The story is about a half Native American boy who’s parents are murdered by criminals, leading him to seek revenge. While the film was well directed, had good cinematography and dialogue, they cast Steve McQueen as the main character. For one thing, he’s way to old to pass as a teenager and hearing him use dialogue and phrases meant for a teenager comes across as cringy and lame. Hearing a man almost 40 saying things like “Aw gee mister” just sounds stupid. He does it earnestly however but I can’t really tell if that’s a plus or a negative. He’s also blond haired and blue eyed. Now I know a guy who’s like that and his grandmother is a Native American but in the world of film, it just seems ridiculous. I have to take into account that this film is a product of it’s time and Steve McQueen was a big star but even if you put his bright blue eyes from mind he’s still almost 40 and playing a teenager. It’s just not believable. 

The good however is in the story, Odyssey like in that he goes to different places through the story searching for the men who killed his family the story has been done before and since but that doesn’t mean it’s not an enjoyable version of it. Despite everything it’s well done, violent and enjoyable. It’s got some blaring problems that do bring the film down a little but if you like westerns and enjoy Steve McQueen, it wouldn’t be a wast of your time to watch it.