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Hey man I was wondering if you could headcanon how trans people do transitions in the fallout universe? I am transmasculine myself, and play those types of character. So I also get super excited to see other people doing more trans Fallout stuff! If you'd rather not (cause other people might be weird or you're just not comfortable, that is 200% okay!)

oh man transitioning in the fallout universe would be so feasible and knowing how developed surgery and medicine can be ingame,
(ie. facial surgery to completely change your appearance, implants you can purchase, just what goes on in Big MT in general)
there would be more developed options for trans and gnc people than what we have today.

- hormones could be made by putting plants like yams and soybeans (or similar mutated plant species if those went extinct) through a chemical synthesis of molecules like we do today

- then those hormones (or hormone blockers) could be delivered throughout the wastes via caravans

- doctors like usanagi could also offer hormone implants as an alternative to having to apply gels or shots etc. regularly and would provide hormones for a long amount of time before needing replacement

- and surgery? sky’s the limit considering how advanced it is in the universe, people can get whatever they need done!

The mount weather reveal at the end of s1 and beginning of s2 is still the best reveal in The 100 and I honestly wish the show would leave grounders behind for good and show us more secluded technologically advanced groups like MW. I’m so sick of the grounders and their repeating plot lines.


Woebegong- ground/grass
Jerrymug- ground
Zomboo- ground/ghost
Burroworm- bug/ground
Coolstroyer- bug/ground
Wartbog- ground

I have some nice ground types. I’m planning on revamping my naked mole rat line at some point. It’d also be a neat idea to make a Dorotabou, I could probably merge it with an older idea for a tar mastodon. At any rate, I’m caught up with all the types Bogleech has reviewed now.