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Reasons Why Flowey Needs a Fucking Hug tbh
  • Had apparently only one real friend as Asriel.
  • Said friend seemed to have manipulated, potentially abused him depending on interpretation.
  • He lost said friend to suicide.
  • When trying to return his friend’s body to the surface he was killed by humans who assumed he killed them.
  • When he reincarnated he was terrified and called desperately for help only for nobody to come when he needed it most.
  • When his father finally found him he realized that he couldn’t feel love from him OR his mother.
  • His inability to love drove him into such despair that he attempted suicide (multiple times even) and the only thing that kept him alive was his fear of dying without a soul.
  • When he fights you as Omega Flowey he taunts you with the same line he used when he woke up as a flower (”Mommy! Daddy! Somebody help me!”), except at least the human souls came to help you.
  • He literally can’t understand why anyone would be kind to him despite how he acts and this breaks him hard enough to make him cry.
  • After the true ending he is just about the only character without a happy ending, having stayed behind by himself underground while everyone else lives their life on the surface.
  • All this and he is only a child.