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Through February, we will be celebrating some of the fantastic small press and self published books and zines in our Light Grey Shop!

We invite you to check out this incredible project, Neufundland, made by a group of German comic artists, illustrators, and animators. It is a graphic short story project, and the first volume includes comics about ‘The Meaning of Life.’

We just have a couple left here at the gallery!! If you are interested or want to find more information, you can see all of the details on the Light Grey Shop here:

Artists include Phil Warner, Sylvain Marc, Thomas Wellmann, Mark Kjaergaard, Dominic Eise, Enrique Lorenxo, Sebastian Koch, Barbara Benas, Jakob Schuh, Sandra Brandstaetter, Heinz Wolf, Mikkel Sommer, Louis Tardivier, Sam Hiti, Christian Puille, Uwe Heidschoetter, Alfonso Salazar, Steffi Schutze, Maike Plenzke, Miguel Porto, and Andreas Schuster


Hello lovely new followers!

Welcome on my blog! Jakob send me some new photos of the “Neufundland”-comic project, I mentioned here some while ago.

So here are some more nice previews of the wonderful comic zine we put together! It’s printed on lovely paper, looks good, smells good and the artists in it are amazing:

Barbara Benas / Sandra Brandstätter / Dominic Eise / Uwe Heidschötter / Sam Hiti / Mark Kjaergaard / Sebastian Koch / Enrique Lorenzo / Sylvain Marc / Maike Plenzke / Miguel Porto / Christian Puille / Alfonso Salazar / Jakob Schuh / Andreas Schuster / Steffi Schütze / Mikkel Sommer / Louis Tardivier / Phil Warner / Thomas Wellmann / Heinz Wolf 

It’s a big zine: 9" x 12" (or 23cm x 30cm) and it has 72 pages.

You can still buy it here:

Shipping costs: 4€ international, 2€ Germany.

Neufundland Cover Suggestions -

Here’s another suggestions of a cover for a comics anthology that will be released during the first weeks of Mai. 

We didn’t end up using this one for a cover, but it was fun to do.