Fantasy Flight Games recently released a Netrunner data pack that has a couple of my cards in it! The art itself was completed about a year ago, so it’s not NEW new, but it’s new for you guys #justfreelancethings

I got to do Sage and Errand Boy, which were some really cool deviations from my usual work. You can find them in The Source, which is part of the Lunar Cycle collection.


It’s that time of year again, folks! One week from today, I’ll be back in Indy for the Gen Con Art Show with a few new pieces and some classic favorites. Debuting this year is my companion piece to last year’s headliner, completing the Introspection // Introcession diptych, as well as two new Netrunner cards from the Lunar Cycle.

If you’re around that neck of the woods next week, come by and say hi!