((Headcanon time: Ned is atrocious at spelling. Because of this, a lot of the provinces were taught bad writing as they were obviously home schooled. Except Friesland. He wasn’t having any of it and now pronounces some letters completely different than the others.))

Belgian betrayal

Germany: “I’ll give 7 points to my good neighbour Netherlands, we always have each other’s back. How many are you giving me?”
Netherlands: “None, but thanks for the points. Also, Belgium your song sucks but you’ll get two pity points because you’re my sister.”
Belgium: “HAHA suck it bro, you ain’t get nothing!”
Netherlands: “What is this betrayal?

France's Contact Names
  • America: burger bitch
  • England: don't answer
  • China: we can both cook
  • Italy: cute kid
  • Germany: hitler
  • Japan: yaoi author
  • Spain: ass
  • Romano: should've kidnapped him when i had the chance
  • Turkey: we can both cook
  • Greece: kitty daddy
  • Netherlands: make it rain
  • Belgium: chocolate
  • Canada: my little mattieu~
  • Norway: Put the volume high
  • Finland: sweet as candy
  • Sweden: sexy stare
  • Denmark: put the volume low
  • Iceland: sexy middle baby
  • Prussia: Partner in crime