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Sudden thought: Netherlands giving Canada tulips (even though they've only been doing that since WW2) and France seeing and fanboying and shipping them like crazy. Then *Le boom* Prussia appears and France is just like "SHIP WARS" and eveRYONE IS SO CONFUSED


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Sorry to bother you but may we have a picture of what all the provinces (or the designs you currently have) look like? I've been trying to look for them through your blog but I haven't managed to find very many. I would greatly appreciate it ^^

((Hiya~ ! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all! There is a link to the provinces page right here, but it’s outdated and in dire need of better drawings too haha! I’ve just made a quick chart of all the current provinces for you ♡ ))

1. Daan - South Holland
2. Harm - North Holland
3. Guus - Gelderland
4. Hannes - Noord-Brabant
5. Jan/Jaitze - Friesland/Fryslân
6. Liesje - Zeeland
7. Kees - Drenthe
8. Andrias - Groningen
9. Floris - Limburg
10. Maaike - Utrecht
11. Lotte - Overijssel
12. Leentje - Flevoland

((Groningen actually has a big brother [Ommelanden], but nobody really remembers him. I’ve yet to properly introduce him! Friesland has both a Dutch name and a Frisian name. I hope you like this! Ruben [Holland] isn’t included because he disappeared in 1840, that’s why there’s two Holland twins now  ))

  • Netherlands: America, you should try to cycle to work more often.
  • Germany: I agree, you've been using the car too much lately.
  • England: see, it's not only me that wants you to be environmentally friendly this time!
  • America: ... y'all try cycling up San Francisco before telling me to cycle in New York or Texas.

Sometimes when discussing headcanons with friends I get super vivid images in my head and for once in my life I actually drew it :y And it was fun at that! wow!

The headcanon in question? Ivan and Ned had a thing around 1600 (Ivan is a little younger than he looks here, the poor soul) because back then Russia was an ‘exotic’ and ‘barbaric’ country to Europeans, which made Ivan interesting to Ned - until he wasn’t anymore. Ivan was a liiittle more attached. ditched for Japan

  • Netherlands: okay, Lux, let's try this again. Luxembourg, may I borrow ten Euros?
  • Luxembourg: only ten? Here's a twenty~
  • Netherlands: Lux, I told you-
  • Luxembourg: but think about it, big brother! If I continue to lend them money bit by bit, then I can gradually increase their debts! They then have to pay me back if they don't want it to continue increasing- big brother, are you okay??
  • Netherlands: so...this is what it means to be truly happy and proud...