they scattered her ashes on this lake by ivvy million  


flowers for his mother by ivvy million
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Salomon de Bray - Man in profile holding a roemer 


oil on copper

Frits Lugt Collection, Fondation Custodia, Paris

Probably How it Went Down
  • Germany:Hey we made this new country it's called Deutschland. And we call our language Deutch.
  • English people:That's nice. We'll call you Germany, and we'll call your language German.
  • The Netherlands:Hey, we made a country too. It's called Nederland, and out language is called Nederlands. Makes sense, right?
  • English people:Guess so. We'll keep the name Nederland cuz we're nice, but we'll just change it to Netherland because we prefer that, is that okay?
  • The Netherlands:Sure, if you like
  • English people:And we'll also make it plural, as in The Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands:...okay, if you say so
  • English people:And we'll call it "Holland" half the time.
  • The Netherlands:If you insist, it's your language
  • English people:Now for your language, what should we call that? We could call it Netherlandish, which follows our rules and sounds like your word for the language...
  • The Netherlands:What an excellent idea
  • English people:...or we could call it "Dutch", that's not taken, right?
  • Germany:...are you fucking serious?
  • The Netherlands:You're seeing this too, right?