“Lately tensions have been rising up in the Netherlands and in Utrecht. Centers for Asylum seekers have been attacked and Muslims are threatened, spitted on and beated because of their Islamic background. The new normal? We don’t think so!

We offer a different sound. On the 20th of February we, Utrecht Bekent Kleur, organize a demonstration. We want to show people that a peaceful community is something we have to work towards to together, that it is something we could enjoy and where we can learn something from each other. Will you join us?

Utrecht Bekent Kleur is against any form of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, sexism and any other form of discrimination. That we have to speak up against it, is less obvious than it seems to be. It is important to keep spreading this message in order to get more people to call for tolerance and solidarity.

Our goal is an inclusive city, where everyone counts, debates and participates. A colourful Utrecht, where there is mutual respect, whatever origin, religious background or sexual preference you may have.” [event link]


Official residencies of European monarchs

1. Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II

2. Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco: Prince Albert II

3. Amalienborg Palace, Denmark: Queen Margrethe II

4. Royal Palace of Oslo, Norway: King Harald V

5. Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain: King Felipe VI

6. Royal Palace of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: King Willem-Alexander

7. Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein: Prince Hans-Adam II

8. Royal Palace of Brussels, Belgium: King Philippe

9. Stockholm Palace, Sweden: King Carl XVI Gustaf

Denmark’s Policies Have Led Directly to Antisemitism, by Judith Bergman

Allerslev happens to be the same person who in 2012 told Danish Jews ‎participating in a festival celebrating the multiculturalism of ethnic and cultural minorities in Copenhagen ‎that they would not be allowed to display the Israeli flag at the festival. No such message was given to any ‎other minority participating in the festival. “The Israeli flag can seem provocative to some and for security ‎reasons we do not wish the Israeli flag to be displayed,” Allerslev said. Only four years later, the mayor has ‎seemingly realized that discriminating against Jews is a bad thing.‎



However, Dutch society really only has itself to thank for such developments in its schools. As Manfred ‎Gerstenfeld previously reported, a number of schoolbooks published in the Netherlands in 2015 ‎contained distortions of Israel’s history, creating a bias against Israel among pupils. When a motion to ‎counter antisemitism within the educational system was brought in Parliament, the Dutch Labor party, ‎the junior partner in the government, opposed it. ‎

You cannot sow antisemitism with your policies and then feign surprise when you end up ‎reaping antisemitism. Everything is connected. Both Denmark and the Netherlands are ‎dominated by anti-Israeli media and a public discourse that treats Israel as the culprit of all the ills of the Middle ‎East. Both countries support the labeling of Israeli goods produced over the Green Line, both countries have major educational ‎institutions that routinely feature conferences where Israel is decried as an “apartheid state” and the ‎general atmosphere is one of hostility toward Israel. ‎

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House of Riddles and Secrets by Marijn de Maeyer