ID #80915

Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hello hello everyone,
my name is as you already know Rose but i actually prefer my second name, Elisabeth (like the queen of England).
I plan to study ‘live science and technology’ in a few years, i say a few years because i want to take a gap year with my family in Italy (i’m not italian tho, they migrated).
if i have to describe myself i would say that i am a very bubbly person with way to much interests.
i like… movies, drawing, holahooping, reading, drinking tea, cats (espicialy my own, they are called Finnian and Cake (yes, like the dessert)), walks, nature, mathematics, physics and many more. I also love music, my taste goes from metal to musical songs (mostly, les miserables) my favorite band is MUSE. I play the cello, base guitare and the double cello.

Preferences: i am looking for someone who loves to talk about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.
i want to talk about conspiracy theories, how weird clouds are, series and shows, our lives and maybey my feelings also (that one is optional).
i prefer someone older than 16, who is open minded.
any type of communication is fine (snail mail, e-mail, portals, blood magic, teleportation, etc.)

Conjugating Verbs in Dutch (Past Tense)

Someone asked me to explain how to conjugate verbs in Dutch, so here you go! Thanks for the ask!

Unlike French (-ER, -IR, -RE) and Spanish (-AR, -ER, -IR), Dutch verbs only end with -EN (ex; Werken) or -N (ex; Zijn)

This is the Past Tense. I’ve made another post for the Present Tense (you can find it here), and I’ll make another for the Future Tense.

Dutch isn’t as structurated as French or Spanish (I keep mentioning these because they’re my main target languages) and therefore it’s considered a hard language to learn. Keep on learning!


MMG Zegwaard aka M.M.G. Zegwaard aka Martino Zegwaard (Dutch, Almere Stad, Netherlands) - The abandoned Castello di Sammezzano, in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy, built in 1605 has 365 rooms; one for each day of the year. (Not sure of photographer for every photo)