Instrument of Surrender of All German Armed Forces in Holland, in Northwest Germany including all islands, and in Denmark, 5/4/1945

From the series:  Instruments of German Surrender, 5/4/1945 - 5/10/1945

This is the instrument with which all German armed forces in Holland, northwest Germany, Frisian Islands, Heligoland, Schleswig-Holstein, and Denmark surrendered. It was signed by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, Commander-in-Chief of the German Kriegsmarine.


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I don´t think we had the translation for Simon´s Linda magazine interview so I asked someone on Twitter to translate it and here is the result:

In The Givenchy commercials, the Mentalist-actor Simon Baker parades in tight-fitting tuxedos, but at home we wears jogging pants.

“Courteous unless she lingers too long”

Name: Simon Baker
Profession: actor, director
Born: Launceston (Tasmania), 30th July 1969
Lives: in Los Angeles
Series: Home and Away, Heartbreak High, The Guardian, Smith, The Mentalist
Movies: L.A. Confidential, The Devil Wears Prada, Land of the Dead, Red Planet
Married: with actricre Rebecca Rigg
Father: of Stella Breeze (21), Claude Blue (16), Harry Friday (13)
Face: of Givenchy’s perfume Gentlemen Only

Holland roots
“My mother is born in Den Haag. Her parents were the black sheep of a French-Holland noble family. They emigrated to Australia when my mother was still a little girl. My wife and children have already been to Den Haag to visit my great-aunts. I still didn’t manage to.”

Famous aunts
“Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts are godmothers to my sons. My wife and Nicole were school friends, and when I met Rebecca, Naomi was her best friend. However, Nicole and Naomi weren’t the big stars yet that they are now. I once started a nurse education, but I soon figured out this was nothing for me. I totally can’t stand sick people. Then I started to work in a bar, where many actors in training dropped by. Eventually Rebecca and I decided we just had to try. We moved to Hollywood with our daughter, where we lived with Naomi first for a while.”

The name of my father
“My mother married an Australian, but the marriage wasn’t good. When I was two years old, they split up. My new stepfather changed my last name into Denny and I only saw my biological father again when I turned eightteen. Yes, that is a shame, but it never was my choice. Because I didn’t get along with my step father, I wanted my real name back. Since then I am Simon Baker again.

"In the ads for the perfume I’m holding my umbrella up for a woman, or help her cross the street. Those are cliches to sell a product, but I would do the same in real life. I love courtesy and open the door for my wife - unless she lingers too long.”

Good marriage
“My wife and I have been together for 22 years. Apparently that seems special, definitely in our business. A good relationship is about communication and patience. Keep talking - but not too much. And with patience I mean: listen to each other with empathy, not judgmental. Off course that isn’t always as easy. The moments you’d rather start all over again come over me sometimes. Same for my wife. But eventually it is a choice: you want it to succeed, or you don’t. My wife is amazing, so for me the choice is evident.”

Secret pleasure
“Surfing boards. Looking at them, holding them, smelling them. They remind me of the waves in front of the Australian east coast.”

Peacock feathers
“I like to dress up for the presentation of a perfume or for a movie. You put on a nice suit, take care of yourself, strut around like a peacock. At home I get rid of that role immediately. My wife and I are very down to earth. Put on jogging pants, nothing fancy, simple life.”

“Maybe it sounds strange, but I want to interact with others in a nice way. I am a kind of ambassador for my kids. I want to set the right example for them. Nowadays, it is already hard enough to teach your kids the normal life, even when you are not famous. Sometimes I would prefer to take away their smartphones, shut down the internet and send them outside. ‘Go play!’”

“I want to remain as simple as possible, and I have always been fairly conservative with money. I am afraid that I’ll loose the essence of who I am by suddenly throwing with money because I earn so well. But I do enjoy the success, we have a very comfortable life.”

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Why Most People Can’t Wait For Summer:

…(I can’t wait for no school either actually…but..) Why I Can’t Wait For Summer:

And So Many More Great Shows!…

Photo: Armenian Soldier in Zealand, The Netherlands during World War II.

During times of great wars people can end up in places they would have never thought of. This was also true for some Armenian soldier. Even though 500.000 Armenians fought in the Russian Army for the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany, some Armenians as prisoners of war ended up in the Nazi Army, but eventually decided to revolt against the Germans and help the locals.

Yesterday in the Netherlands it was Remembrance Day and while traveling home it reminded me of this particular story. The 812 German battalion also known as the Armenische Legion of which the vast majority consisted of prisoners of war from the Soviet Army was stationed mainly in The Netherlands, because of the distrust of Hitler for the Armenian battalion.

During the WW2 the 812 German battalion consisting solely of Armenian soldiers was brought to the Dutch province of Zealand. Where they soon made contact with the resistance and became favored by the locals, especially the local girls. Some got pregnant, but those Armenian soldiers who survived the war were abruptly summoned by the Soviet leaders. Where Stalin put them to trial and thus many ended up in Siberian work camps. In this radio-documentary, the children of these lost Armenian soldiers talk about their lives without fathers, their experiences and their search for them.

You can listen to the documentary here by following this link, it consist out of 5 parts:

• Auron, Yair (2003). The Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers. pp. 262–263. ISBN 0-7658-0834-X.
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