Images of Westerners on blue and white tiles in City Palace, Udaipur
Photograph by Sonya Ong and Travis Hydzik
India (1500s-1800s)

Portuguese or Dutch tiles with Belgian glass in City Palace, Udaipur
Photograph by Past Life Seamstress

According to this site, there’s a part of the palace called the Chini Chitrashala (Chinese art place), decorated with white and blue tiles from the Netherlands and China. Not sure if this is it.

Dutch fans were really in to the Euro 2016 qualifie...zzzzz

Huh? What?

The Euro 2016 qualifier between the Netherlands and Turkey was billed as a bit of a bruiser.

It didn’t quite live up to those expectations.

In fact, for Dutch fans hoping to see some show of strength, the game was a disappointment.

Some might even say a snooze fest.

The game didn’t get much better for the Oranje until the last few minutes of stoppage time when Holland were able to tie things up for a 1-1 result. Those fans left the park early might be regretting it.