Probably How it Went Down
  • Germany:Hey we made this new country it's called Deutschland. And we call our language Deutch.
  • English people:That's nice. We'll call you Germany, and we'll call your language German.
  • The Netherlands:Hey, we made a country too. It's called Nederland, and out language is called Nederlands. Makes sense, right?
  • English people:Guess so. We'll keep the name Nederland cuz we're nice, but we'll just change it to Netherland because we prefer that, is that okay?
  • The Netherlands:Sure, if you like
  • English people:And we'll also make it plural, as in The Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands:...okay, if you say so
  • English people:And we'll call it "Holland" half the time.
  • The Netherlands:If you insist, it's your language
  • English people:Now for your language, what should we call that? We could call it Netherlandish, which follows our rules and sounds like your word for the language...
  • The Netherlands:What an excellent idea
  • English people:...or we could call it "Dutch", that's not taken, right?
  • Germany:...are you fucking serious?
  • The Netherlands:You're seeing this too, right?

Colourful Patterns Of Tulip Fields In Netherlands

German photographer Bernhard Lang is known for ariel photography, which captures “the contrast between the beauty of the Earth and the impact of humans on it”. Lang recently showcased the stunning view from above of tulip fields in the Netherlands. The bird’s eye view provides a mesmerizing, lush sight.

The photographer has given us an opportunity to watch one of the Earth’s most delicate beings from an uncanny point of view.