Nesey Gallons

Happy Valentine’s Day from snowy portland maine. Here is a love song from my unfinished album “Blueberry Islands”

Sing along at home:

“Lennon and McCartney”
by Nesey Gallons

It never felt this dangerous
Until I came back here with you
But when I hear your heartbeat
It feels like we’ve survived world war three
Oh I think we’re falling in love
Like Lennon and McCartney

I thought I’d never feel this way again
I thought the restlessness of youth had gone
Well some seem to think that we’re creepy
And some say it must be telepathy
Oh I think we’re falling in love
Like Lennon and McCartney

I hear wedding bells ring around the harbor
And I fear a day will come when you leave me alone
….don’t leave me alone!

(Imagine a guitar solo)

It was just like a bedtime story
But you always fell asleep before goodnight
So you never knew how it ended
Never knew quite what our friendship was meant to be
Oh I think we’re falling in love
like Lennon and McCartney

“when i was an ice skater” will be available digitally tomorrow december 4th at

there will be a cd version available by february or so if you wish to wait to purchase a physical copy. currently there are not any plans for a vinyl release. 

there are some plans in the works for some touring of sorts in 2013. if youd like to book nesey gallons in your town please write to