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Prompt: Henry comes out and says he is gay with his boyfriend by his side, and he is extremely nervous. Emma and Regina are surprised but happy nonetheless.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Henry shuffles nervously as he and Nick stand in the hallway. “Henry you’ll be fine,” Nick reassures them, “Your Moms are bi, I can’t see them having a problem with it.” 

“I know,” Henry says, “I know that, ya know in theory but I’m still nervous.” 

Nick shrugs, “You’ll be fine and besides I’m here with you right so it’ll be okay.” 

Henry smiles back at him, “Okay,” the seventeen year old says, “Now or never.” 

With that he pushes the door to the lounge open and he and Nick walk in. His Moms are curled up watching a movie so he walks over and hits pause. Both of his Moms’ heads snap up in alert before softening when they spot their son and Nick. 

“Henry are you okay?” Regina asks seeing his nerves. 

“Yeah,” he replies though his answer is no-where near as confident as he hopes. “I have something I really need to talk to you guys about.”

“Okay,” Emma says, she and Regina sitting up properly to give their son and his “friend” their attention. 

“Okay, well I,” he pauses. 

Regina smiles at him, “Henry we love you. You can tell us anything.” 

“I hope so,” he replies, “I’m gay. Nick and I, we’re not just best friends but we’re boyfriends too.” 

“Called it!” Emma cheers before she can stop herself. 

Regina rolls her eyes before standing up to hug her son, “We know Henry.” 

Henry frowns, “You do? You’re okay with it?” 

Emma stands too as Regina cups their now taller son’s chin as best she can. “Henry, all me and your Ma have ever wanted is for you to be happy.” 

Emma nods, “Yep, so long as you’re happy with you are and happy with who you love then that’s what matters to us,” with that she turns to Nick, “So what are your intentions with our son?” 


“You better not hurt him,” Regina chimes in, “I haven’t been the evil queen for a long time but I can still throw fireballs.” 


“And I’m good with a sword.” 

“So are his grandpas and his grandma can shoot a bow and arrow with deadly accuracy.” 

“MOMS!” Henry cries out his cheeks flushing with embarrassment as he takes Nick’s hand in his own, “Nick and I, we’re dating and we’re happy okay?” 

“Aw,” Emma pouts, “We’ve been waiting for three weeks to do our protective Mama-Bear routine.” 

“Three weeks?” Nick asks.

Regina nods, “You two aren’t that subtle.” 

Henry frowns before firing back, “We’re subtler than you two!”

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I hope I'm not too late to say this- but anyways, your nick is amazing and you're one of my favorite people to rp with so please keep up the awesome work!

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2 and 10

2. Is there a ship/show for whom/which you are interested in writing yet are intimidated to try?

I’ve been wanting to write Nick/Liam or Nick/Liam/Louis for some time. I would not say that I’m  intimidated by it, but I’m kind of nervous about getting Nick right. I think that’s why I’ve picked easier things – Lilo – to write every time. 

Maybe I should add Steve/Bucky to the list! New fandoms are scary!

10. Do you have an idea for a story that intrigues you but haven’t been able to piece together? What would it take to inspire you to actually write it?

I’ve so many ideas I want to write, but mostly it’s time that’s lacking for me. Though, that Liam/Nick “woke up married in Vegas fic” might be one of these ideas.

Maybe people talking to me about it, that could always help. 

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