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“Every night since the mountain, I’ve had the same dream. You are pleading with me not to go face Ra’s and I listen to you. Sometimes the dream still ends badly; I end up with this sword in my chest. But most of the time, we escape. And we’re just driving.  And all this…it seems so far away, because it’s just… it’s the two of us.
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Fitz thinks Jemma hates him. Jemma thinks Fitz hates her. Sometimes, all it takes is a little alcohol and one case of apartment exile to get one’s wires uncrossed.

Here is my entry for the Fitzsimmons Network’s More Than That/Less Than 5k Exchange! I wrote this for ohfiitz​, who requested “we were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other, let’s bang it out AU“. Here’s the result! I hope you like what I’ve done!

Big thanks to felicity-smoaking​ for being a wonderful cheerleader and beta!

P.S. Don’t let AO3 lie to you. According to Google Docs, my final word count was 5k on the nose. I will be smug about that for the rest of my life.

Okay so I did a lat minute change and I’m not gonna torture you any further. I was going to post 5 works but now I decided to make it just 4. I guess that at this point it’s clear I draw portraits better than full bodies, so you don’t need another full body. I may post the thing on my twitter later, whoever follows my twitter saw worse things coming from my hands.

So, the last character I’m posting is Gilles! He was my favourite when I watched the anime (yes, I watched the anime first and then I read the manga) and I’ve always been putting off drawing him because his hair seemed to be hard to draw (this is stupid coming from someone who’s always drawing Yugioh characters) but what a plot twist! His hair was actually my favourite to draw and if I don’t control myself I may draw a million Gilles in the future.

Lamia | Isaac & William | Sytry, Dantalion & Camio | Gilles

I’m sad this month there was no new Makai Ouji chapter but I’m glad we made this mini event today, the day when the new chapter would come out. I had fun, I hope you had too.

Thank you for all the notes (Lamia reached 24 notes! It’s unbelievable!) and also thank you for every single comment on your tags when you reblogged my stuff (yes, I read them all)

i have a habit of collecting toothpicks. like. just grabbing 5-10 whenever we leave a restaurant and just shove them in my bag and pockets and today my grandfather was looking for a toothpick at this fancy toothpickless restaurant and guess what i had on hand

GOODBYE. Just popping of to Africa, be back in two weeks.

Following the footsteps of dear Michael Palin, I’m traveling the world… To do charity work.
I’m setting off to Uganda at 5:30 in the morning so I bid you all farewell now.
I’ll be back on the 11th of July but in the meantime I’ve queued a few posts and I hope you all have a wonderful, very silly 2 weeks.

I feel like Oliver is someone with an excellent memory. (”It was red.”)

And somewhere in his head he has filed away every little detail he knows about Felicity or everything she has ever told him. Every little slip she’s let out in a ramble or babble.

They go to a restaurant and he tells the waiter that she’s allergic to peanuts.

He surprises her with red wine and flowers on the anniversary of the day they met.

He knows how she takes her coffee and her order from Big Belly Burger.