Nerdfighter Valentine’s Day Card designs!

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Some of these are…um…unsuitable for younger nerdfighters, I guess, so click away CAREFULLY!

Hope y'all like! Let me know what you think!


“Will you be my Hazel/Augustus” - The Fault in our Stars by John Green

“Captain Kirk” - Nerd Gurl by Hank Green  EXPLICIT LYRICS!

“Will you be my Yeti” - Here’s where the Yeti originated from!

“Oh, won’t you be in nerdfighterlike with me” - From the song “Nerdfighterlike” - Originally by Lauren Fairweather Also covered by Hank and Katherine Green

“Ceci n'est pas une valentine’s day card” - The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

“Happy Valen’s Penis Day” - From this 2007 Vlogbrothers video

“I’d like to touch and hug you…” - I believe this is where the “touch and hug” joke started..

“DFTBA” - This vlogbrothers video!

“Have a jokes valentine’s day” - Using “jokes” instead of “cool” Heart is filled with lots of nerdfighter jokes!

ssailboatss submitted:

So I have been talking to this guy I really like for about a month now, and I was at work one day and he surprises me, bearing my favorite Starbucks drink. I had lent him Looking For Alaska, because he said he never really enjoyed reading, and I told him this book would change that. So he told me he was done with it, and he took me home from work. We get in front of my house and he’s like “I want another book!” So I told him I’d run inside and get him Paper Towns. As I was getting out he grabs me and is like “wait! there’s this quote I wanted to show you on page… 123 I think. I like it a lot and I’m surprised you didn’t highlight it!” and so I turn to the page, and there is this post it note pointing to that sentence. 

I was asked out via a John Green book.


This nerdfighter anniversary video is the BEST. They had such a nerdfightastic wedding. 

Nerdfighterlike makes me so happy. 

I recently moved to across the country to attend graduate school. My boyfriend (who is a sports racer) knew that this was a very stressful and scary time for me. Even before my bed was delivered to my new apartment a package showed up from him – the pièce de résistance was this messenger bag, which he embroidered himself (which is what he does) to remind me of why I’m here.

As a PS, my research is about communities like Nerdfighteria <3

[submitted by whimsyandmayhem]

My boyfriend told me my outfit looked like a Pokemon Trainer. So this happened over text...
  • Him: You look so cute today! Like a Pokemon Trainer!
  • Me: That is seriously like the best compliment ever
  • Him: Boyfriend challenges you to a Pokemon Battle
  • Me: Pokemon Trainer accepts your challenge
  • Him: Boyfriend uses Charmander
  • Me: (being all flirty and disgusting) Pokemon Trainer uses Feminine Charm-izard (ha puns, get it?)
  • Him: Charmander falls in love. Charmander uses Swagger
  • Me: Feminine Charm-izard is flattered but blocks Swagger with Douchebag Repel. Swagger does no damage. It is suggested you try again with different tactics.
  • Him: Charmander attempts Leer, but can't make eye contact because of Love. It failed
  • Me: Feminine Charm-izard uses Second Glance. Attack is reflected and Feminine Charm-izard is affected by Crush.
  • Him: Charmander uses Hug.
  • Me: It was super effective!
  • Me: Feminine Charm-izard uses Kiss.
  • Him: It is super effective! Charmander fainted.
  • Him: Boyfriend is out of usable Pokemon. Boyfriend hands over $200 winning and would like to get lunch around 2:30.
  • Me: Pokemon Trainer thanks Boyfriend for the formidable battle and accepts the Lunch Date.