Feanor and Nerdanel

I commissioned this from the amazing @tosquinha, who did such a fantastic job! i love this so much!! A gentle moment between Feanor and Nerdanel at a party, based on my designs for them.  Did i mention how much i love this???? 

Fëanorian Week Official Announcement:

Hello Silmarillion Fandom! This is your official announcement for Fëanorian Week!

What is it?: Fëanorian Week is a full seven days to celebrate and appreciate some of our fan faves, the Fëanorians, and their parents, Nerdanel and Fëanor.
When is it?:  March 20th, 2017—March 26th, 2017          

The prompts are as followed:

  • Day 1- Maedhros - > Childhood, Kingship, Torture,     Adjusting/Coping, Unity, Beauty  
  • Day 2-Maglor -> Childhood, Music & Songs of Power, Elrond & Elros, Kingship, Maglor’s  Gap, Redemption
  • Day 3- Celegorm - > Childhood, Hunting, Orome & Huan, Strength & Beauty, Wickedness, Love/Unrequited
  • Day 4- Caranthir - > Childhood, Betrayal, Lordship, Dwarves & Humans, Marriage, Appearance
  • Day  5- Curufin - > Childhood, Feanor, Forge work, Celebrimbor,     Manipulation, Ruling of Nargothrond
  • Day  6- Ambarussa - > Childhood, Lordship, Regrets, Twin, Hunting, Nandor
  • Day 7- Nerdanel and Feanor-> Mahtan, Marriage, Reunion, Traveling, Creation, Healing

Rules: You are allowed to post anything fanrelated on the days.
If the prompts are not to your liking, you can do your own thing.
The tracktag is #feanorianweek.
Tag your work accordingly!
Have fun and be nice to others. Disrespect towards others will not be tolerated.

The ask box is open if you have any questions!

*Heads up, I will post reminders as the date gets closer! I won’t let any of you forget* 


Nerdanel working on a statue of Yavanna the way Tolkien described her as a tree crowned by the sun and with her roots reaching into the sea. I want to do a stand alone illustration of Yavanna like that someday, hopefully soon. 

Finally I had time to work on this. I think I made the final sketch back in July of June and then I had other things to focus on. I may have overdone the yellow bit but working on this was the only enjoyable thing today and I didn’t want to be over with it.

Eh I gave in and did a studies cum fanart:P Photo reference is by M0Thart, I just changed the model into Nerdanel because I though the colour layout really suited her. Also largely inspired by @goldseven‘s Fields of Gold painting of the same subject. Life drawing classes as I came to realise, are a really humbling experience because of how utterly terrible I am at drawing well, life haha. And its somewhat useful to know if someone ever held a gun to my head and tell me to literally draw on the spot to save my life, I will save time and tell them to just go ahead because I really cannot save my life T u T

Nerdanel the Wise

Wife of Feanor, mother of Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras. 

Tried using a different brush for nerdanel, but i’m unsure it made any noticeable difference in the end. Had to redraw nerdanel three times over three months because i couldn’t get her right, before finally painting this one from start to finish in four hours last night >.<

Please don’t repost or edit in any way, thank you :). Reblogs are always appreciated. 

Middle-earth History MEME »> 3/3 Elves »> Nerdanel

/and at first she restrained him when the fire of his heart grew too hot; but his later deeds grieved her/

After marrying Fëanor, Nerdanel bore him seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras. Nerdanel, unlike her husband, was of a peaceful nature and sought to moderate his fiery temper and pride with wisdom. For a time, she was the only one able to influence him.

Nerdanel refused to follow her husband to Middle-earth and their parting was not a happy one. When it became clear that he intended to leave Valinor for good, she came to him and pleaded with him to let her youngest sons, Amrod and Amras to remain with her. Fëanor would hear nothing of it and accused her of being against him and in league with the Valar, namely Aulë. He said if she did not follow him she would be abandoning all of their children. She scorned him saying that he would not have them all and then she left, possibly retiring to her father’s house where she apparently still lives in Aman.

By refusing to join her husband in revolt, she herself avoided the Doom of Mandos but her sons did not. The last remnant of her family survived through her grandson Celebrimbor, the forger of the three Elven Rings of Power.

Unofficial Announcement: Feanorian Week 2k17

Hello! This is the unofficial announcement for Feanorian Week 2k17! 

As of now, all sons will have their own day, except the twins. The last day will be a day dedicated to Nerdanel and Feanor.

As of now, we have:

  • Day 1- Maedhros - > Kingship, Torture 
  • Day 2-Maglor -> Music, Elrond & Elros 
  • Day 3- Celegorm - > Hunting
  • Day 4- Caranthir - > Anger, Lordship 
  • Day 5- Curufin - > Forge work, Celebrimbor 
  • Day 6- Ambarussa - > Lordship, Regrets 
  • Day 7- Nerdanel and Feanor - > Marriage, Reunion, Traveling, Sculpting

-And that’s all for the prompts.  As you can see we’re missing prompts for the certain days (I want at least  4 for each day).  For that reason, I’m opening this up for suggestions. My IM is always open (you can hmu on my main @inkstranger).

-I’m not entirely sure what date to set it as. Not too soon though. Maybe March or April?

-As for the theme…suggestions are always open. We’re trying are best with presentation at the moment, but we aren’t tech savvy like some of you are. So if you have suggestions, let us know.

-If you want to join the blog, let me know! I’m always open to helpers.

Lastly, PLEASE SHARE AND FOLLOW. Updates for the week will take place on this blog.

Our tag will be #feanorianweek!

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My heart always melts at the thought of Nerdanel always referring to her family as “my boys”. Like, I get that she may have hoped for a daughter at some point and I probably would too (just to change it up a bit, lol), but the fact that she had the most children ever and all of them were sons, I just can’t help but see her referring to them all collectively, even Feanor included sometimes, as “my boys” to whomever she’s speaking. And long after they’re all grown up.