It’s tough for us nerdly dudes, being so marginalised by popular culture. I mean, sure, we can console ourselves with our six feature-length J R R Tolkien adaptations, staggeringly popular revivals of numerous old school sci-fi properties, multiple critically acclaimed TV shows about cerebral weirdos saving the day with erudition and cleverness, and decade-long dominance of superhero films at the box office, but all that only goes so far, you know?

The Valkyries, on young girls in comic shops
  • Juliette:A dad came in with his 4 year-old daughter and told her to ask me ("the lady who works here") for recommendations. She did and I showed her a few comics I thought she would like while the dad kind of waited a respectful distance away so that it was really our conversation. Then he said to her "I just want to make sure you know you can always ask the people in the comic book store for recommendations and they'll be happy to talk to you."
  • And all of a sudden I realized that he was making sure his little girl would grow up believing that she is welcome in comic book and nerd spaces instead of feeling like she's an outsider just because she's a girl.
  • Christina:That reminds me of the girl who gets $10 for every A on her report card and spends it all on comics.
  • Emily:This reminds me of the dad and daughter who came into my store and bought the American Dream tpb we had. And then proceeded to buy every book with a strong central female character I could think of to recommend. Good parenting.
  • Tracy:There is a family who would always come in on Saturday. The older sister and mom weren't really into comics, but they would walk around with the younger sister and dad while they picked out what they wanted. The young girl always came in and spent her allowance on comics.

So, a question, to my fellow male nerds:

What the fuck is wrong with us?

How much longer are we going to be in denial that there’s a thing called “rape culture” and we ought to do something about it?

No, not the straw man that all men are constantly plotting rape, but that we live in an entitlement culture where guys think they need to be having sex with girls in order to be happy and fulfilled. That in a culture that constantly celebrates the narrative of guys trying hard, overcoming challenges, concocting clever ruses and automatically getting a woman thrown at them as a prize as a result, there will always be some guy who crosses the line into committing a violent crime to get what he “deserves,” or get vengeance for being denied it.

To paraphrase the great John Oliver, listen up, fellow self-pitying nerd boys—we are not the victims here. We are not the underdogs. We are not the ones who have our ownership over our bodies and our emotions stepped on constantly by other people’s entitlement. We’re not the ones where one out of six of us will have someone violently attempt to take control of our bodies in our lifetimes.

We are not the lovable nerdy protagonist who’s lovable because he’s the protagonist. We’re not guaranteed to get laid by the hot chick of our dreams as long as we work hard enough at it. There isn’t a team of writers or a studio audience pulling for us to triumph by “getting the girl” in the end. And when our clever ruses and schemes to “get girls” fail, it’s not because the girls are too stupid or too bitchy or too shallow to play by those unwritten rules we’ve absorbed.

It’s because other people’s bodies and other people’s love are not something that can be taken nor even something that can be earned—they can be given freely, by choice, or not.

—  I tried to find my favorite quote from Arthur Chu’s phenomenal Daily Beast piece on male nerd culture, but it’s all great, so go read the whole thing.

“Why do you have to put your feminist hands on nerd culture?”
I have had self entitled nerd guys literally put their hands on me without my consent. I’ve had self entitled nerd guys feel me up in my sleep, while I was walking past, used getting close to me at a Con as an excuse to cop a feel.

So excuse fucking me if I feel like females deserve better respect and representation in a culture that seems entitled to women because of how they’re presented in that media.

anonymous asked:

Do you think nerdy men lack male privilege?

No not even vaguely.  Nerdiness is an alternative form of typical masculinity but it has historical backing in the old aristocratic view of manliness (men who are rational and defined mostly by their tastes).

Also masculinity has proven really loose in terms of what can be performed under masculinity while still being seen as ‘okay’; think of fratboys using traditionally feminine fashion (pink, floral prints, short shorts) while still possessing male privilege.  This is because femininity is pretty much defined in terms of what masculinity isn’t: where masculinity is seen as rational, womanhood is seen as hysterical; where masculinity is seen as desexualized femininity is seen as hyper-sexual.  Once masculinity takes over a social sphere that sphere is seen as not only being masculine now but as always having been masculine, with past gender norms being seen more as an item of trivia than evidence to the subjectivity of gender.  

This is why you can see traditionally feminine industries being taken over and then coded as inherently male (certain forms of industrial work and IT stand out).

But to repeat, no, nerds don’t lack male privilege, what the fuck.

Mod R
GamerGate Drives Critic Tauriq Moosa Off Twitter
Earlier today, constant harassment by supporters of the #GamerGate movement drove prominent game critic and outspoken person-of-color Tauriq Moosa to delete his

I’m having feels about this.

This voice, we needed this voice. Everywhere, all the time. And it’s been chased off, at least one medium, and that medium is lessened for it. It sucks. 

And there are lots of voices we need: POC voices, trans voices, female voices, atheist voices, every-and-any-sexuality voices, ex-pat voices, non-gender-binary-subscribing voices, artist voices, academic voices, all-the-religions voices. Voices-over-the-age-of-57, voices that are well-reasoned and and thoroughly considered, voices that are knee-jerk and impassioned, voices that critique, voices that gleefully joy-out, voices that eat cake on mountaintops, and voices that can NOT get out of bed this morning. Voices of every brain, identity, and personality– we need all those voices.

We do not need bullying, gatekeeping, exclusionary voices. We don’t. Every other voice adds something– a concept, a point-of-view, an awareness, an understanding. This? This takes away. Shuts down. Subtracts. And it’s bullshit.

I’m not going to talk about Gamergate’s points. This is not what this is about. It’s about this subculture’s tendency to silence people they disagree with. Make them afraid, gang up, bully, and tear down. 

And that’s not what our culture is about. We love on things too much, spend vast amounts of time consuming our mythologies of bravery and freedom. Not a single one of my fantasy protagonists or sci-fi anti-heroes would stand by this behavior, and to think that this is what what we do instead of lively, passionate discourse is just fucking weird.

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The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal detected by Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while he was working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of The Ohio State University, then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory in Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore the expected hallmarks of non-terrestrial and non-Solar System origin. It lasted for the full 72-second duration that Big Ear observed it, but has not been detected again. The signal has been the subject of significant media attention. Here is a small sample of it

One thing I’m noticing is when white boys say “agree to disagree” and “everyone has an opinion,” underneath that is the unspoken assumption that white men have valid opinions that don’t even need justification or support, but everyone else’s agency and world view lacks that validity. 

The intellectually laziest and most dishonest among them will use the untouchably sacred “it’s just my opinion!” to defend their own view when they can’t do so on logical grounds, but when it comes to those they disagree with, they’ll demand rationalization and nitpick at their arguments in the most superficial, semantic way. 

And even when the rationalization is air-tight on the other side, they’ll just bring up the “to each his own” bull crap again. Of course, for these white men (especially nerds) this mentality does not apply to women and MoC whose subjectivities are inherently invalid. Then it’s all about logic and “critical thinking” - even though they don’t apply those standards to their own experiences or reasoning.