Kung Fury: The Movie

Written by rychu79

The guys from Laser Unicorns took every movie and television trope from the 80′s and put it into a blender and gave us the awesomeness that is ‘Kung Fury’

Its 30 minutes full of action and comedy that can not be missed. So stop what you are doing and check out ‘Kung Fury’ for yourself. ENJOY!

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First Look: Bebop & Rocksteady from ‘TMNT 2’

Written by rychu79

Take a look at Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams) on the left & Rocksteady (Sheamus) on the right shooting a scene in their pre-mutated state for the movie.

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′ is set to be in theaters on June 3rd 2016.


Ok so i’m happy to announce that i’m finally making available my designs on Redbubble! :D

It’s just the start but hopefully in the future i will be able to get enough money to buy my own shirt making materials and sell them that way but for now i will be using Redbubble to sell them.

Any support means the world to me and i will love you forever! I am committed to producing more and more designs for you guys! Really if anyone want to give me ideas for a shirt design i am more than happy to hear it. This is what i love to do and want to keep doing it. The link to my Redbubble shop is down bellow —->