2/100 Days of Productivity || 22.02.17 || Mechanisms of Point Mutations

Can anyone guess what my favourite colour is?

With dinner in the slow cooker and a successful morning of studying done, I think I’m entitled to an hour of relaxing with a book ;)

Yes, my notes are unfinished. Yes, there are probably some mistakes :P

Cyrodiilic cornbread

Cyrodiil’s cornbread is like no other. Crisp on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside, this delicious bread complements most dishes yet is perfect to eat on its own. Cornbread is versatile as it works as both sweet and savoury. My favourite way to eat this is with a dollop of whipped butter and maple syrup, but have fun experimenting with toppings and dips to discover a whole new dimension of delicious!

You will need:
1 cup cornmeal
¾ cup flour
2 eggs, beaten
1 ½ cups buttermilk
2 tbsp brown sugar
½ cup butter, softened
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt

Preheat your oven to 220C/425F. Grease your loaf pan with butter.

In a bowl, combine your dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, combine the eggs, butter, and buttermilk. Add the wet mixture to the dry and stir throughly until smooth. Pour into the loaf pan.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the top is crisp and golden. Remove from pan to cool on a wire rack, and serve warm with butter.

Put up some, in my opinion, best photos ever on my patreon tonight, they are staggered so that you can appreciate each one individually. Check that out if you would :p www.patreon.com/underworldrayne
Also going to be releasing my ram photoset here shortly so hot me up for the info for that.
Finally, going to be doing the WoW photoshoot with @acehunter2017 near the end of March. I know your looking forward to that :) #underworld #rayne #pokemon #gamer #nerd #worldofwarcraft #wow #misty #cosplay #alternative

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