What’s the Surface of Neptune Like?

Neptune is a gas giant planet, so it doesn’t have a solid surface. The blue-green ball that we see in photographs of Neptune is really the top of the clouds on Neptune. If you could dive down beneath the surface of Neptune, you would find an interior with increasing temperatures and pressures right down to the rocky core at the center.

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When do your planets show?
  • Sun: When you consciously act as to express your individuality, to present yourself as special and important
  • Moon: When you unconsciously react in an emotional way, when you nurture others, when you fulfill your own emotional needs, when you are motivated by mood swings
  • Mercury: When you communicate your opinions or when you are in a general exchange of information, while learning/stuyding
  • Venus: When you have a crush on someone, when you like people and express affection, when you collaborate and do team work, when you make aesthetic choices
  • Mars: When you get heated up (sexually, aggressively, passionately)
  • Jupiter: When you teach others, when you are in a mentor position, when you are very confident and optimistic in yourself and what you are doing, when you broaden your internal or external horizons (education, travel)
  • Saturn: When you are afraid, have doubts or are insecure, when you are in a position of being an authority or submitting to one, when you work hard and get shit done, when you are realistic
  • Uranus: When you rebel, innovate, get sparks of genius new ideas, when you make progress, invent something - whenever you are weird and different and don’t fit the norm
  • Neptune: when dreaming, escaping reality, isolating yourself, when it comes to spiritual matters, when you undo yourself / take in a victim role, when you love unconditionally and whenever you don’t see the truth / when you romaticize / see an illusion
  • Pluto: When you struggle between power and powerlessness, when you go through transformations and rebirths, break taboos, research (especially the occult), when you investigate, manipulate, when you keep secrets or share them

We’ve been receiving non-stop asks about the retrogrades, so I figured I’d go ahead and make a post about them in order to have all of the information in one place. 

Q: What is a retrograde?

  • A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward. The planets aren’t actually moving any different than they normally would; it only seems that way because the position of the planets effects how we see them from Earth. 
  • Astrologically, when a planet is in retrograde it means that it’s effects are thrown askew. As in, whatever it is that a planet controls will be off balance and can effect us in a negative way. For example, Mercury controls communication and thinking, so when Mercury is in retrograde those aspects of us aren’t functioning as they normally would and could cause us to say/do things we normally wouldn’t. 
  • When a planet is in retrograde during your birth, i.e when you have a retrograde planet in your natal chart, it means that the things that planet controls are turned inward. For example, a person with Mercury in retrograde in their natal chart might have troubles with communicating, and organizing and expressing their thoughts. 

Go here to find out in you have a planet in retrograde in your natal chart. You’ll see a little chart, look under ‘Zodiac in degrees’. It’ll list a placement, what sign you have in that placement, and the degree your sign in that placement is in. If you have a planet in retrograde, there will be an ‘R’ next to the degree. 

Q: Who will a retrograde effect? 
A: A retrograde will effect everyone. However, you will experiences amplified effects if: 

  • you have the same sun sign as the one the planet in retrograde rules (example: Mercury is in retrograde, and your Sun sign is in Gemini)
  • you have the sign that the planet rules in the planet’s placement (example: Mercury is in retrograde, and your Mercury sign is in Gemini)
  • you have the planet as your dominant planet (example: Mercury is in retrograde, and your dominant planet is Mercury) 
  • you have the planet in retrograde in your natal chart (example: Mercury is in retrograde, and Mercury is in retrograde in your natal chart) 
  • you have the sign the planet is retrograding in as your Sun sign or the sign of the planet in retrograde (example: Mercury is in retrograde in Libra, and your Sun sign or Mercury sign is Libra) 

Go here to find out your sun sign and what sign you have in the planets. 

Q: What does it mean when a planet is retrograding in a sign? 
A: The dates that a planet is in retrograde will, of course, always match up with a sign. That sign is what the planet is retrograding in. For example, Mercury is in retrograde May 8 - June 11, which is within the Gemini range, so Mercury is retrograded in Gemini. 

Q: How does the sign the planet is retrograded in effect people? 
A: The energy of the planet in retrograde will be influenced by the energy of the sign it’s retrograded it. This means that we will feel the planet in retrogrades effects more in the way that the sign it’s retrograded in would. For example, if Mercury is retrograded in Gemini, we will likely want to focus more on our communications, while if Mercury is retrograded in Virgo, we will likely want to focus more on our thoughts. 

Q: What retrogrades?
A: All of the planets (excluding Earth), many small satellites and moons, comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. Not all of these apply to astrology, though. There will only be information about the planets throughout this post. 

Q: How often do the planets retrograde? / When was the last retrograde date and when is the next retrograde date? 

  • Mercury goes into retrograde every 3 months, and the retrograde lasts 2 weeks. (Most recent date: May 18, 2015 - June 11, 2015. Next date: September 18, 2015 - October 9, 2015.) 
  • Venus goes into retrograde every 20 months, and the retrograde lasts about 40 days. (Most recent date: December 21, 2013 - January 31, 2014. Next date: July 25, 2015 - September 6, 2015.) 
  • Mars goes into retrograde every 2 years, and the retrograde lasts about 2 months. (Most recent date: March 1, 2014 - May 20, 2014. Next date: April 17, 2016 - June 29, 2016.) 
  • Jupiter goes into retrograde every 9 months, and the retrograde lasts about 4 months (Most recent date: December 9, 2014 - April 8, 2015. Next date: January 7, 2016 - May 9, 2016.) 
  • Saturn goes into retrograde every 12 ½ months, and the retrograde lasts 4 ½ months. (Most recent date: March 14, 2015 - August 1, 2015. Next date: March 25, 2016 - August 13, 2016.) 
  • Uranus goes into retrograde once a year, and the retrograde lasts 5 months. (Most recent date: July 22, 2014 - December 21, 2014. Next date: July 26, 2015 - December 25, 2015.) 
  • Neptune goes into retrograde once a year, and the retrograde lasts 160 days. (Most recent date: June 12, 2015 - November 18, 2015. Next date: June 13, 2016 - November 19, 2016.) 
  • Pluto goes into retrograde once a year, and the retrograde lasts 160 days. (Most recent date: April 16, 2015 - September 24, 2015. Next date: April 18, 2016 - September 26, 2016.) 

Q: How will the *planet* retrograde effect people? 

  • Mercury rules communication and thinking. During the time of the retrograde, communication on all fronts will be unusually strained or difficult. Misunderstandings are likely to happen as people are unable to express what they want as clearly as they normally would. You may feel like you’re constantly being misinterpreted and frustration will build when you can’t seem to put your thoughts in order. It is advised that you don’t make any sort of substantial agreements, decisions, or changes in your life during the time of the retrograde. 
  • Venus rules partnerships and aesthetics. During the time of the retrograde, you will find yourself questioning who/what you truly value and what you consider to be beautiful. You may feel the urge to try to fill the feeling of discomfort with a new partnership of some kind. Impulsive buys are likely during this time, as you will be confused about your general taste in things. While pre-existing partnerships aren’t typically majorly effected, it’s unadvised to take a major step within your partnership during this time. 
  • Mars rules aggression and impulsivity. During the time of the retrograde, you will question the moves you make, and the motives behind them. Strong emotions may come up as you consider why you feel and act as you do, and it’ll be necessary for you to have a way to relax if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Our instincts are also effected during this time, and you may notice yourself and others responding to a situation in a way that they normally wouldn’t. It is advised that you try to avoid conflicts and situations where you’re uncomfortable during this time. 
  • Jupiter rules prosperity and expansion. During the time of the retrograde, you may find that your optimism and outlook on life lean more towards the negative side. Your motivation may be drained, and plans are likely to move slowly or halt altogether. You will find yourself questioning your position and where you’re headed in life. This is a time of reflection and growth within yourself, and it’s important that you try to view things in a positive light. It is unadvised that you attempt to make any sort of drastic changes centering around yourself during this time. 
  • Saturn rules practicality and limitations. During the time of the retrograde, you will feel the urge to test any sort of self-made boundaries. You will want to avoid responsibility and restrictions. You will seemingly suddenly want to take new risks and experience different things. You may notice people are you being more spontaneous and trying things that are out of their comfort zone. It’s advised that you do not make new commitments or decisions, especially financially, and instead use this time to rebuild and strengthen past ones during this time. 
  • Uranus rules individuality and inventiveness. During the time of the retrograde, you will feel the desire to expand yourself, especially where knowledge is concerned. You will find yourself seeking out information and answers to anything and everything that pops up in your mind. You may feel a compulsion to break down things around you, so that you can build them up bigger and better. This time offers a good opportunity to assimilate life and study it, but it is advised that you avoid making any hasty decisions or judgements during this time. 
  • Neptune rules idealism and compassion. During the time of the retrograde, your emotions will become heightened and more focused. Your perception and intuition will be stronger, and you will be able to understand things with more ease. It is important to listen to your inner thoughts during this time, as you may feel vague and uncomfortable dissatisfaction if you don’t. This is a good time to examine things you may be confused about. It is advised that you attempt to avoid negative energy as much as possible during this time, since your emotions will be more acute. 
  • Pluto rules transformation and power. During the time of the retrograde, you will find yourself evaluating the deepest areas of who you are. You will find yourself paying attention to and confronting the negative parts of yourself that you try to ignore. You will be able to recognize what you want and what you’re motivated by. This retrograde is a good chance to try to improve yourself internally, and it is advised that you focus on that rather than dwell on your flaws. 

And that concludes this post :-) I believe I addressed all of the most common questions and most important information. If you’ve read through this post and are still confused about something, feel free to send an ask. Also, let me know if you see any errors/misinformation in this post. Thank you for reading! 

Triton, the largest moon of Neptune. Triton has a retrograde orbit (meaning that it orbits in the opposite direction of its parent planet), meaning that it was likely captured by Neptune from the Kuiper Belt. Triton’s orbit around Neptune is slowly shrinking, and it is believed that within the next 3.6 billion years, Triton will either be destroyed by the planet’s immense gravity, or else will turn into a Saturn-like ring system around Neptune.

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces for the next 6 months, from June 12 until November 18, 2015. With Pisces resting comfortably in the Neptune cove, the ultimate oceanic experience accompanies and drenches the inner world highlighted during retrograde.
Neptune rx can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people
~ Illusions– whether created for you by others or by yourself– begin to melt away, creative thoughts, imagination and reception take shape. This is a period of increased awareness, a divine saturation with spiritual galaxies and artwork,  The kaleidoscope of the inner universe projects into outer consciousness and turns the world into liquid waves. The split in the horizon bleeds into turquoise and indigo, and its impossible to tell where form stops and symphony begins. What you seek is Neptune seeking you.

The urgency for drugs, alcohol, sexual intimacy and any channel that obliterates reality increases and difficult, internal truths become hard to deny. All the falsities and deceit Neptune has let you sweep under the fog is revealed by the light of retrograde. Rather than laying back and spinning fantasy, we are more inclined to etch internal illustration into the real world and promote manifesting dreams into reality. The 13 moons floating through the florid Neptune cloud generates streams of empathy, compassion and divine love. Neptune dedicates this period to healing the oppressed, impoverished and suicidal.

Neptune is the socialist, and collective human matters are bought to the forefront during this period. Asylum seekers, environmental destruction and poverty become pressing international motivators and impossible to ignore for much longer. The realisation of the starving third world child being one of your own children, and even more, a part of yourself gives rising concern to the welfare of the collective as a whole. This is what is really important, the universal, the ocean, the oneness; and the smallness of ego, greed and corruption dissolves at Neptune’s touch.

Maybe the Neptune saint will appear in a cloud of intoxicant fog. Neptune retrograde is like an enchantress weaving a spell from within where all we see or think we see is that of a dream within a dream.

It may look like a giant ball oozing with earthworms, but it’s actually a simulation of Jupiter’s massive and complex magnetosphere — a magnetic field that extends more than four million miles from its surface.

The Earth generates a magnetic field by the convection of molten nickel-iron alloys in its outer core. Jupiter’s outer core is also thought to be responsible for its enormous magnetic field, though it is liquid hydrogen crushed by intense pressure into a metallic form that generates the magnetism rather than iron compounds. In addition, the gas giant’s surface is buffeted by powerful winds and huge storms, like the famous Great Red Spot. Scientists believe that these surface winds interact with the metallic liquid hydrogen below to stimulate some of the secondary properties of the magnetic field. 

Magnetic fields of planets compared:

(Sources 1, 2, 3

For teaching: astrophysics



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The tides that ebb and flow and ebb again–These are my secret, these belong to me–
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Neptune throughout the signs

Neptune signs deal with fantasies, what your dreams are, imagination and illusion. Neptune signs also show how sensitive you are to situations. Neptune is ruled by Pisces. 

aries - Neptune in Aries will do anything to help someone in need. They’re not afraid to begin projects they imagined. They question long-held traditions and beliefs. They work best when they follow their intuitive impulse. They fight for what they believe in.

taurus - They can incorporate parts of their imagination into everyday life. They achieve more than they think they do. They may be materialistic and dream of their possessions. Taurus neptune can separate the abstractions of the real world. They can add a practical spin on spirituality. 

gemini - They are mentally gifted. They may have restless minds that are inclined towards deception and fraud. They have an idealized view of the world. They are sensitive to the vibrations in their surroundings. Gemini neptune is easy to get along and compromise with. 

cancer - It can be difficult for them to recognize troubles in relationships. They are intuitive and lovable. They dream of the ideal home and family. Cancer neptune is emotionally sensitive and empathetic. They are able to understand the emotions of those around them. 

leo - Leo neptune may feel that the world owes them appreciation. They act by impulse rather than intellect. They are generous and socialable. They may project their fantasies onto others and they need to learn to face reality. They can influence others easily.

virgo - Virgo neptune has mental faculties of high standards, prophecy and inspiration. They may be spiritual. They feel a strong need to overcome negativity. They have a strong sense between what is right and wrong. They may emphasize the connection between emotional and physical health.

libra - They are very idealistic. They may lack a clear purpose of doing something. They would like nothing more than to have peace and harmony in the world. They may be overly emotional or weak minded. Libra neptune may be too caught up with what they’ve lost to see what they’ve gained. 

scorpio - Neptune in Scorpio wants to know the inner workings of the world. They may want to be a martyr, which can create inner conflict for them. They need to deal with deeper issues to overcome their problems. They are very passionate. They can see beyond reason into perception and inspiration.

sagittarius - Sagittarius neptune may be so blinded by their ideas that they don’t see reality. They can understand the meaning of life at a deeper level. They are idealistic. They want to expand their spirit and senses. They have the ability to overcome challenges if they actually work on it. 

capricorn - It can be hard for them to accept reality. They can use their imagination to put their ideas to practical use. They may want to shut themselves out from the world. Capricorn neptune has the ability to concentrate on anything. They dream of wealth and power. 

aquarius - Aquarius neptune has plenty of ambition to achieve their dreams. They dream of independence and freedom. They may be unconventional but they’re idealistic. They are humanitarians, and they want to help everyone. They may be seen as dreamers or visionaries.

pisces - Neptune in Pisces is compassionate and wants to help others. Their emotions can guide them to amazing things. They have raw emotion and can be sensitive. They may be self-sacrificing, inspirational and impressionable. They like to express themselves creatively.