Various Edged Weapons from Africa and Asia

An Indian Pesh-Kabz (25.5cm blade), ribbed horn hilt, leather scabbard with steel mount, two North African Dagger, three short stabbing spears, three wooden ceremonial axes, and various other native items, together with an Illustrated Catalogue of European Arms and Armour from the Wallace Collection, 1924.


The Kukri knife notch (cho) - purpose identified?

The kukri notch (cho) has been much discussed on my channel. It’s not for blood-letting and it’s not for blood-channeling or diversion. It is blunt and neither of those explanations make any sense. It is not for securing the kukri in the scabbard and it is not for attaching any kind of cord to. It is not a bottle opener and it makes no sense to relieve stress in the blade (it does the opposite actually). But there is one plausible explanation - religious/ritual significance. I explain more in this video. 

I’m fairly certain I’ve read about the association between the cho and the trident of Shiva, but I don’t recall the publication. I’ll update this post if I can find it. Anyhow, Matt makes some great points on what the cho is NOT. Be sure to check out his previous videos on kukri.