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No, I think Derick has a very special relationship back in Nepal There are several folks he considers family. He is familiar with the surroundings and more than anything else they are in need.

I am sure Derick is sick to death of all this petty materialism and sordid reality TV Bullshit. He wants to go back to what is important in life,

He has a sort of siddharta thing going. He would desert all he loved and treasured to go on this journey toward a higher power.

Balloons dedicated to the memory of the people who died in April 25, 2015 massive earthquake are released into the sky at Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal on June 27, 2015. Two powerful earthquakes in April and May devastated the Himalayan nation killing more than 8,800 people. (Niranjan Shrestha/AP)

The Signs as Asian Countries
  • Aries:Turkmenistan
  • Taurus:China
  • Gemini:The Philippines
  • Cancer:Nepal
  • Leo:Thailand
  • Virgo:India
  • Libra:Israel
  • Scorpio:South Korea
  • Sagittarius:Mongolia
  • Capricorn:Singapore
  • Aquarius:Japan
  • Pisces:The Maldives

Photo of the Week: Baby Nirman was born in the period between the first and second Nepal earthquakes. “Someday, when we look back, we won’t remember this as a time of loss or earthquakes, but as when our first baby was born,” says his father Narayan. “And he is a healthy baby.” Narayan and his wife lived about a kilometre from the second quake’s epicentre - their home was destroyed and their poultry farm damaged during the disaster. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-1505/Sokol

So Nepal are holding a festival called Kukur Tihar (worship of the dogs) to show appreciation for how much they love dogs. I think that is so beautiful! This is such a powerful message to send to China and their yulin dog meat festival. It is so wonderful! Protests don’t need to be aggressive to send a message. An act of kindness and compassion carries so much more weight than the sound of violence ✌🏼️🐶 #Nepal #China #KukurTihar #yulin #beautiful #dogs #animals #unison #dogsaregreat #nature #animalkind