Akira (1988) / Oversize Complete Key Master Set-Up - Cels x 5, Original Background x 2, Douga x 1 & Genga x 1 / 335mm x 400mm

As the film reaches its apex, Tetsuo experiences a flashback to happier times he shared with Kaneda racing through the streets of Neo Tokyo.

This set-up is much larger than standard size as it allowed for the camera to track across the background (as shown in the douga), mimicking the movement of Tetsuo’s bike. It is comprised of numerous elements including multiple cityscape cels that allowed the filmmakers to add a powerful sense of depth and movement to the shot.

Shinjuku Nights / 新宿 / Sleepless Town / 23:33:46

Every day we brush past so many other people. People we may never meet, or people who may become close friends. - Chunking Express, Wong Kar Wai
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