It’s that shit


keep holding on. the tides stem from your inability to focus on the future. (fuck. fuck) too focused on the past. the [heart]beat[’]s got the floor moving and now the world won’t stop spinning. you wanted this. (oh god. oh god) progress is a progressive strain of that disease. makes you regret the regress. backwards policies mean we can reach the stars when one out of every six black men have been incarcerated since 2001. so…we need an odyssey, huh? great western myths: tell me i’m special. (great western myths…tell me i’m special)

                                                makes you crazy
                                                makes me hard
                                                makes me cold
                                                makes her bold
                                                  and him lazy

i don’t even have to guess anymore. i wake up knowing another innocent life has been lost to the hands of logic less bigotry. to the seeds of lawless “law enforcement”. to the effects of a trickle down drug war.
  (is it really a fight if your enemy is already stoned?)
                                                   (is it really a war if you hold all the cards?)

- spencer Allan read

Im already starting to regret my major because even tho my school is known for the humanities and taking an alternative approach etc. I feel like I’ll be taught from the western neo liberal approach to development. Legit everyone in my major is one of those assholes who “loves helping the less fortunate” by building schools and wells in third world countries

Radio host: Gays and Royal Family are Nazis ‘controlling’ the world

Anti-gay broadcaster Rick Wiles has claimed that the Royal Family and gay rights movement both consist of neo-Nazis controlling the Western world. The crackpot homophobic radio host made the claim on ‘Trunews’, after recent controversies surrounding the Nazi sympathies of short-lived monarch Edward VIII. Right Wing Watch picked up his comments, after he said on the air: “The Royal Family of Great…

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Mary Beaudoin/Sami Rasouli | Iraq and I$I$: Today is Better Than Tomorrow

Mary Beaudoin/Sami Rasouli | Iraq and I$I$: Today is Better Than Tomorrow

Iraq is now one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking among the top five. By Mary Beaudoin  WAMM Newsletter  Summer I July 2015

Based on a public talk (sponsored by WAMM End War Committee) and an interview with Sami Rasouli, a citizen of Iraq and the United States who lives in Iraq. Summarized by Mary Beaudoin with supplemental endnotes.

Oil began to flow out of Iraq unmetered after…

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Breath, Eyes, Memory

I see my life, now. My identity pitted in between the neo-liberalism of Western American culture- finding of self, free-spirited, concerned about success. The Haitian aspect of my life teaches me to respect order, provide for my family, discipline, maintaining my cultural roots in the physical and spiritual spaces of my Haitian ancestry. Somewhere in between this struggle, I want what both worlds have to offer. I want to venture out and fabricate my own narrative in America but at the same time I want to nurture my family and contribute to our strong willed communitas. But the more I realize that I want what’s notable of both realities, the less I feel like I’m me. I only want to carry a piece of the sky on my head, bridging our worlds in a harmonious relationship, where the “Other” no longer exists, just what is and what isn’t.

«Slow West»: Western zwischen Poesie und Gewalt

Der Adelsspross Jay ist jung, naiv und hoffnungslos verliebt. Als seine Angebetete Rose mit ihrem Vater um 1870 wegen eines schrecklichen Vorfalls nach Amerika fliehen muss, will er ihr folgen. Doch im amerikanischen Westen ist für einen romantischen Träumer wie Jay kein Platz.

Zwischen Cowboys, Indianern und Banditen wird die Suche nach Rose im Neo-Western «Slow West» zum lebensgefährlichen Abenteuer. Sein Retter wider Willen ist der geheimnisvolle Kopfgeldjäger Silas, eindringlich gespielt von Michael Fassbender. Als unerfahrener Jay ist Kodi Smit-McPhee zu sehen, bekannt aus Filmen wie «Planet der Affen: Revolution». Regisseur John Maclean gibt mit «Slow West» sein Kinodebüt.

Slow West, England/Neuseeland 2015, 84 Min., FSK ab 12, von John Maclean, mit Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ben Mendelsohn