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Forbidden Memories

I started working on this gif, like, 3 years ago, but never actually finished it, even though all that was missing was some shade on Shadow Kanami’s Mikuratana’s clothing. Tonight I thought of it again and was like “Better late than never”.

I love the girls from the Spin-Offs, they’re all three far more interesting characters than they had any reason to be given the nature of their respective games. Especially Kanami wow’d me. I think she’s one of my favorite Persona characters of all time, period. 


So I’ve been playing Portal…

I’m late to the party, I know.

The first game’s been sitting on my Steam for about half a decade now, but I never managed to finish it (despite loving the writing) due to First Person games giving me some terrible motion sickness (Never played much Metroid Prime for the same reason…).

However, last weekend I just decided “Screw it” and ended up marathoning both Portal games by myself. Even though I already knew the entire plot going in, I wasn’t disappointed. The puzzles were as fun and challenging as I remembered from the bit I’d played before (even if they made me feel like riding a roller coaster with three whole chicken dinners in my stomach), and the writing is just hysterical and endearing. 

Anyway, after I finished both games, I found myself doodling Caroline during a lecture and things kind of…derailed into what you see above. 

Spoilers for a 6 years old game (hah), but to clarify, I’m in the camp which firmly believes that GLaDOS lied about “deleting Caroline”, since it’s pretty explicitely stated in game that she is a “brain map” of Caroline, meaning deleting Caroline would be her equivalent of deleting System 32. In fact, I don’t even see them as separate entities at all, but rather as two “versions” of the same science-crazed, sarcastic, eccentric woman, with the (poorly programmed) mainframe of GLaDOS’ AI dulling any sense of restraint to the point that she lost herself in it. 

That was the idea behind this picture. I just wanted to draw three “sides” of Caroline in the three “situations” we’ve experienced her in, for whatever short time. Now, usually when I see people draw humanoid fanart of GLaDOS I see them usually giving her short, white hair, but I felt that was a waste, given how easily braids could be equated to chains or wires (Generally when I design my own characters, I like to put in braids to symbolize stuff like that.) So I gave the “GLaDOS” Caroline and the “PoTaTOS” Caroline both braids, with the laters looking frazzled and ripped, like bed-hair, because, well, she *was* violently ripped out of her mainframe. 

Blah Blah Blah, I’m rambling again, anyway, hope it’s enjoyable to look at.

I was requested to draw Morgana a while back, but just drawing him in a standing pose is boring, so I went for this. 

No idea how it’s possible to have Mascot!Mona and real world Morgana next to one another like that. I was actually planning on making one of then transparent but didn’t go through with it.

I have uploaded a Speed Draw of this picture HERE


I have finished two more of the Keychain-designs for Vienna Comix that I have been working on. 

These specific two are Amethyst and Pearl from Steven Universe. 

This is my first time drawing these two, but according to my sister my style lends itself to the series’ character designs very well. I don’t think I can judge myself, however, so I’ll leave that to you guys~.

(By the way, I’ve already watched past the episode where Pearl gets a new outfit, but I still went with her first one, since I really wanted to draw that skirt-)

I’ll finish up the Steven Universe Set, then move on to the Teddie and Tony-Tony Chopper ones. 

Crossover Time!

A Shadow-Version of Marta Lualdi from “Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World”. I drew this for a thread on my RP blog, acquiredhumanity.

Short Description; Shadow Marta basically thinks of herself as a princess of the Sylverant Dynasty, who deserves everything and everyone she wants, just as she imagines these things and people, and selfishly believes should be the center of the world that everyone else rotates around, thinking very unforgivingly of the people who have caused the losses in her life.