Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, First Edition, Dark Energon and Shattered Glass, all given a piece of the Matrix….but what each of them does with it is another story.


Remember that time the Predacon Computer from Beast Wars was given a transforming dolphin body, and got sent forward in time to take control of Doctor Arkeville’s Nemesis Prime, who was made evil with Dark Energon stickers and programmed with a cookie? And then they went to a Transformers convention in Japan where Movie Optimus Prime and Movie Bumblebee beat him up, but the AllSpark and the Matrix and the Seed were going to make Nemesis Prime explode because it was all Unicron’s evil plan? But then all the humans at the con used their cell phones to destroy the evil stickers and Nemesis Prime turned good?

Good times. Goooood times.