Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, First Edition, Dark Energon and Shattered Glass, all given a piece of the Matrix….but what each of them does with it is another story.

Dogformers Decepticon edition…took almost as long as the Autobots but, I digress.

Megatron: A Cane Corso/Tibetan Mastiff mix, he is the epitome of a gladiator, and a king unlike any before him. His long coat gives him an elegant flare but the scars on his face remain as a reminder to all who cross his path that he is not to be messed with.

Starscream: A silver and red Doberman Pinscher. Now obviously the physical appearance of the canine is suppose to represent the con, so finding out Dobbies came in this shade of grey was really awesome. But to be honest, I would have made Screamer a Doberman either way, they’re fit dogs, really fit, muscular but not too much so. And as the leader of the Seeker Armada he needed to be fierce, able to fight and not completely over the top. Oh, and let’s not forget he’s way too smart for his own good.

Knock Out: A purebred Finnish Spitz. Seeing as he’s one of the most popular TFP characters in the series ((if not the most popular)) I feel many of you will be displeased with my decision, but hear me out, my dogformers had one rule: make them look realistic. So a cherry red pup wasn’t going to cut it. All I had in my mind was “he needs to have his papers, he needs to be a champion show dog.” and that’s where I decided to role with the Spitz.

Breakdown: A Leonberger with a bum right eye, he has to be able to go up against Bulkhead the Bullmastiff and still come out clean. Underneath he’s just as big of a softie though~

Soundwave: He’s a Basenji mix. What’s he mixed with? Well that’s the mystery isn’t it? All the team knows is he is silent, he doesn’t bark or howl, he may very well have been born without vocal cords. And while he isn’t very aggressive outright, he’s super intimidating to see coming down the street at night. Accompanying him is Laserbeak the raven.

That’s all folks, remember, dogs aren’t my specialty….