A guide by the DM on how set up these clubbing stories are.

Oh look, they hanging out! Pics! They have something in common!

WOW! look at her and how pretty and relevant she is! The fact that CRAZY ™ one direction fans have abused her on twitter is proof (obvs!)

BUT WAIT! WHO IS helping Maria do the pap walk?? None other than our friendly PR guy!!!!!

And just to make it more ridiculous we can finish with a pic of Niall leaving club with Melly clearly in the background and no mention of her AT ALL.

To conclude, PR and then the tabloids, will write what ever they can to get their clients names in the papers. Even when the pics clearly show something else (cough preston pushing crop top girl away from Louis cough)

anonymous asked:

why u r happy for niall???

It’s looking like he’s finally going to be able to have a public, confirmed girlfriend and I am beyond ecstatic for both him and Melissa. I haven’t really been following them, but I think I saw one of the vines of them dancing or something, and it was adorable. Someone was talking about her being a Larrie, so I went to go look at her Tumblr likes. But, I only go so far to where she had liked a picture of Niall with the caption, “Niall is the cutest person ever don’t fight me on this.” I mean, that’s pretty adorable. They’re both pretty adorable. And if Niall wants to go public with their relationship, it must mean a lot to him, so I’m so happy for the both of them. He’s never had a confirmed relationship since he started in One Direction, and I’m happy that he’s going to be able to shed that single pringle image for someone he cares about. If this doesn’t show you that the band is being rebranded, as well, I don’t know what to tell you. 

This Niall + Melissa thing is really showing just how bad Modest is at their job.

What have we observed?

  • Niall and Melissa papped together twice - entering the stadium together and on the yacht.
  • Fan pics and stories about Niall and Melissa acting romantically at a casino.
  • Melissa’s public social media activity including 1D related posts, including Larry posts.
  • Article in The Sun in which “a source” denied that Niall and Melissa were dating and denied that they kissed.

This is all so contradictory. It is Niall’s manager’s JOB to manage his image. With a boyband member, the perception of his romantic availability is a critical aspect of his public image. They needed to make a plan and follow it through.

If the official narrative were that they are dating, and this was her introduction to the fandom, then the pap pics were fine, as were the fan pics and stories, but her social media accounts should have been cleaned up long before the fandom got a hold of them. Also, having the Sun run a denial was useless and pointless - lack of confirmation is enough to keep things ambiguous for now.

If the official narrative is that they aren’t dating, then she shouldn’t have been included in those pap pics, and he should not have been canoodling with her in full view of fans. The fandom started talking about her a few weeks ago, and things just kept escalating. Niall’s manager should have and could easily have prevented that.

Regardless of what is actually going on with Niall and Melly, and regardless of what we are supposed to think is going on, the whole situation was clearly not properly managed.