OCs for today!

First, is OC 139! His name is Kaeleamel, and he’s a caramel demon!

He is one of Decane’s //coughs at mana// subordinates, and serves as a mime in the Candy Wonderland Circus! He’s very quiet, and has narcolepsy. He also tends to be around Lollia a lot, as he feels quite comfortable around her. Also, he’s a crybaby.

Second, is OC 141! Her name is Suiko, and she’s Watermelon/ Cat hybrid!

She is very alert and curious, and has an odd way of defending herself. She loves to eat a lot and isn’t really picky, but she seems to be very attracted to donuts. She also has trouble with changing her facial expression.

Third, is OC 140! Her name is Lollia, and she’s a Lollipop demon!

She is one of Decane’s subordinates, and serves as a unicyclist in the Candy Wonderland Circus! She’s very upbeat and loves to joke around. She’s very quick, and tends to run around the place quite frequently (she uses her unicycle a lot). She loves to tattle on others, and thinks of Decane as a fatherly figure.


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