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No but like... who do you think would be able to skate, and who do you think wouldn't... and who would think they would, but actually they can't (Misakiiii) and who would be able to, but *say* they couldn't as an excuse to cling to their boyfriends (Shiroooo)... and then Kuroh actually can't skate. And of course, Reisi is perfect.

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  • Totsuka can definitely skate- he inevitably went through an ice skating phase at some point in his life. He would then help Anna to skate, holding her hand around the rink until she could balance on her own. 
  • No force on God’s green Earth could get Mikoto to participate, so he sits on the bench, having been given Tatara’s camera and ordered to take pictures. 
  • Saruhiko, similarly, cannot be persuaded- he’s never ice skated before and damn if he’s going to make a fool of himself in front of everyone. He sits on the bench with Mikoto, filming Misaki falling over and laughing. 
  • Misaki probably wouldn’t be falling over so much but he keeps trying to show off and the more Saruhiko laughs at him the more he feels the need to prove he’s not shit, and he continues to put himself out of his depth and fall over. 
  • Izumo and Seri would be beautifully graceful and probably end up ice dancing together and generally being #relationship goals. They probably got so good from going on dates to the ice rink together. 
  • Neko can’t skate for the life of her, and keeps trying to cling on to Shiro. Shiro is disgruntled by her cockblocking and keeps glancing forlornly over at IzuSeri, bc he wants to ice dance with his cute boyfriend, but unfortunately both his clansmen have gone full bambi on him. 
  • Yukari can also probably ice skate pretty well and he’s very graceful about it. Kuroh gets a bit competitive bc he’s terrible, which continues to cockblock an increasingly exasperated Shiro. 
  • Nobody expects someone who looks like Kamamoto to be as graceful as he is, but he’s one of the best of the bunch at skating, which just pisses Misaki off even more
  • Quite a few of both the s4 and the homra alphabet boys would think they were better than they were, and the combination of overconfidence plus the red vs blue rivalry leads to a lot of falling over and general silliness. Chitose, Hidaka, Domyouji and Bandou are the worst offenders for this. 
  • Kosuke is a bit better than Eric, so he helps him out, but he isn’t that much better, so the pair of them pull each other over by accident on more than one occasion. 
  • Reisi seems completely unaware of the tomfoolery, seeming totally content to skate in graceful circles, avoiding the nonsense to the best of his ability


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