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neilcicierega said: How am I supposed to feel comfortable watching my supporters question anyone’s gender, no matter the context? It was my first reaction too, but I didn’t act on it, because it’s not worth the risk of erasing the gender of someone who’s being honest.

Why are you having this conversation with me in a comment where your followers can’t see it? I dislike it when other prominent bloggers do this to me. I do have a lot of followers though so if you were banking on privacy it won’t work. You could have easily reblogged this and answered it on your blog.

No one said no matter what the context. I wouldn’t doubt just any sexist blogger’s gender online, and I’m not in the practice of doing so. The context is the person is anonymous and thus concealing their identity. If you don’t agree with what those feminists are doing, you can stay out of it because it’s really not your job to correct feminists when they’re discussing sexism (and it’s ESPECIALLY not your job to revoke the feminist title from feminists). it’s your job to correct men and educate anti-feminists. That’s your work as an ally, to make unfeminist places more feminist, not to talk over or talk down to feminists.

My guess is this is the first anon of this kind you have gotten. Guess what, I and other feminist bloggers have gotten countless anons like that. Maybe stop for a second and think we may have some idea on how to handle this.

I have literally never seen a feminist use the argument you claimed you got from feminism in that edit. I’ve only seen anti-feminists cry “misgendering” when their identity is question on anon. There is no erasure of their gender because they are concealing their gender by being on anon. Every social justice blogger i know and read doubts an anon’s identity if they advocate oppressive arguments and claim oppressed identities to back it up. We can’t afford to believe them because then we are privileging their view points as just as valid as people whose identities are known and are visible. That’s super unfair because that anon could be anyone. There are privileged people who do this ON PURPOSE so that their arguments will be acknowledged and seen as a “woman’s” or gay person’s or Black person’s actual view point.

I can understand not wanting to question the gender of the anon yourself because you have male privilege and that anon might not and of course you don’t want to deny their view as a man. But us feminists who aren’t men don’t have privilege over the anon and our voices are thus more valid because we are putting a name and face to our words and that anon isn’t. That anon struck me as a dude, especially since most women I know, even anti-feminist women, were not very aware of feminism growing up, as girls. Our ideas about feminism may have been negative, but I don’t know any girls who were super conscious of the effect feminism had on them as children while they were children. Most women become more aware of feminism when they get older. I’ve never even seen an anti-feminst women put forward the claim that anon put forward–there is reason to doubt them.

I think at the very least you can concede that us doubting the anon’s identity doesn’t make us “so-called feminists” and it was wrong of you to refer to people that way.



This week, I learned that if even one person in our squad quietly mutters the phrase “closet cosplay”, we will fucking DELIVER.

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Potter Puppet Pals:  Ron’s Parents

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