The Beatles by Richard Hamilton, 1968

Now, you may think that you’ve seen this poster clearly before, but I urge you to click through to the full-size image. This isn’t merely a scanned copy of the widely distributed poster, but a reproduction of the original collage put together by Hamilton. 

This is the clearest you’ve ever seen this amazing collage.


I don’t know what’s not to love about this video:

-The Pre-Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda singing a song that’s far out of his range.
-The Pre WWII setting of the musical. (Any other situation, I would hate this)
-That orchestra though.
-The singers leading him into the song and their perfect pitch.
-The hum of the VHS camera.
-The idea that simply putting someone in white clothing is the same as them being Jesus.
-Why did they cast him as Jesus and not Judas?

I just love this video, and nothing will convince me not to. Maybe one day I’ll release my full cover of “Agony”, from Into The Woods.


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(via J.C. Leyendecker model Neil Hamilton staring at one of the master’s paintings)

Ah, I could gush about J.C. Leyendecker’s works (and his brother’s) for eternity. While his main model was Charles Beach who was his lifelong partner, he also used other models like the actor Neil Hamilton. This is a picture of him gazing at Joe’s work above a fireplace.

While Norman Rockwell is the ultimate Americana painter in the American psyche, he wouldn’t be anywhere near where he is if it weren’t for Leyendecker.

The book is worth the expense. A beautiful collection of his work.

Guys. Where’s my TFC Hamilton!AUs?

I mean Neil “I am running out of time” Josten

Neil “I imagine Death so much it feels more like a memory” Josten

Neil “Talks for six hours, the convention is listless” Josten

Neil “Obnoxious Arrogant Loudmouth” Josten

Neil “Intelligent Eyes in a hunger-pang frame” Josten

Neil “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” Josten

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