Guys. Where’s my TFC Hamilton!AUs?

I mean Neil “I am running out of time” Josten

Neil “I imagine Death so much it feels more like a memory” Josten

Neil “Talks for six hours, the convention is listless” Josten

Neil “Obnoxious Arrogant Loudmouth” Josten

Neil “Intelligent Eyes in a hunger-pang frame” Josten

Neil “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” Josten

100 FILMS IN 2013
→ 99/100 Films: What Price Hollywood? (1932)

Mary Evans: Lonny, where are you going?
Lonny Borden: I’m going as far away from Hollywood and all its inmates as I can get.
Mary Evans: Don’t be absurd.
Maximillan ‘Max’ Carey: Oh, let him go. He’ll come back.
Lonny Borden: I’m not coming back. I’m fed up with this kind of living. I should have known better from the start.
Mary Evans: What do you mean, you’re not coming back?
Lonny Borden: I mean we don’t live in the same world.
Mary Evans: That’s right. The world I live in, people are human beings, not stuffed shirts!
Lonny Borden: You live in a world where people are cheap and vulgar without knowing it. And if you weren’t cheap and vulgar yourself you couldn’t stand it!
Mary Evans: All right, if that’s the way you feel, get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!


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  • so my guy friends have started referring to each other as “my guy” or “my dude”
  • and i can’t get the image of matt doing this with neil out of my head
  • like neil walk into the room at 6 in the morning  (while he still lives with matt)
  • and matt will just have woken up and be making coffee
  • and neil will say “i ran 10 miles this morning, can you make me a cup”
  • and matt will be like “my guy… please you need to sleep”
  • and then make him some coffee bc someone needs to take care of neil gdi
  • or
  • when the hamilton mixtape first comes out with some preview singles nicky won’t be able to shut up about it
  • and he’ll be going on about it at like a team dinner and neil will really quietly turn to matt and be like “what’s hamilton”
  • and matt, a true hamilton stan,
  • (that’s a headcannon for another time)
  • will be all “my dude… my guy… pls”
  • OR
  • neil and matt will be having bro time
  • (another headcannon digression oops) in the foxes-verse they came out with an exy version of FIFA and it’s the only video game neil knows how to play or cares about and he loves it so much
  • even kevin loves it
  • andrew only plays once after he’s watched neil beat every one of the foxes (neil is so good at this made up game no one else stands a chance it makes kevin so mad)
  • bc neil gets a big head about it and andrew plays only to prove that neil can be beaten
  • neil doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the day
  • anyways
  • neil and matt are playing it (and neil is kicking matts ass fight me matt only plays this much bc it makes neil so happy)
  • and neil just quietly turns to matt and is like “this is nice… my guy”
  • and matt cries bc he’s neil’s guy, neil’s dude and he just loves and values their friendship so much
  • there’s probably more to this and i got really off topic a lot but yeah
  • neil and matt call each other my guy and my dude as a symbol of their never ending friendship

I don’t know what’s not to love about this video:

-The Pre-Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda singing a song that’s far out of his range.
-The Pre WWII setting of the musical. (Any other situation, I would hate this)
-That orchestra though.
-The singers leading him into the song and their perfect pitch.
-The hum of the VHS camera.
-The idea that simply putting someone in white clothing is the same as them being Jesus.
-Why did they cast him as Jesus and not Judas?

I just love this video, and nothing will convince me not to. Maybe one day I’ll release my full cover of “Agony”, from Into The Woods.

Neil Patrick Harris with the Fun Home kids at Hamilton. Why is everyone not freaking out over this?

The Beatles by Richard Hamilton, 1968

Now, you may think that you’ve seen this poster clearly before, but I urge you to click through to the full-size image. This isn’t merely a scanned copy of the widely distributed poster, but a reproduction of the original collage put together by Hamilton. 

This is the clearest you’ve ever seen this amazing collage.