April 26th, 2016 - May 29th, 2016

one year ago the spectacular journey of this show drew to a close. let us never forget this beautiful piece of theatre that showed us what it meant to really live.

100 FILMS IN 2013
→ 99/100 Films: What Price Hollywood? (1932)

Mary Evans: Lonny, where are you going?
Lonny Borden: I’m going as far away from Hollywood and all its inmates as I can get.
Mary Evans: Don’t be absurd.
Maximillan ‘Max’ Carey: Oh, let him go. He’ll come back.
Lonny Borden: I’m not coming back. I’m fed up with this kind of living. I should have known better from the start.
Mary Evans: What do you mean, you’re not coming back?
Lonny Borden: I mean we don’t live in the same world.
Mary Evans: That’s right. The world I live in, people are human beings, not stuffed shirts!
Lonny Borden: You live in a world where people are cheap and vulgar without knowing it. And if you weren’t cheap and vulgar yourself you couldn’t stand it!
Mary Evans: All right, if that’s the way you feel, get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Thayne Jasperson can currently be seen in the ensemble of the Broadway cast of Hamilton. He plays Samuel Seabury and understudies the roles of Laurens/Philip and King George III. He is also a member of the original cast and has been with the show since its 2014 pre-off Broadway Workshop. Thayne made his Broadway debut as Darcy in Newsies in 2012. He also appeared in Matilda on Broadway and in the touring production of West Side Story. He has also appeared in several movies and tv shows including High School Musical 1 and 2. He was also a finalist on season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. He is also in the film American Mall with former SYTYCD and Hamilton castmate, Neil Haskell.

Thayne Jasperson is a talented dancer, but he actually did not start dancing until he was 22 years old. He started taking classes after joining a local dance troupe and is trained in ballet, jazz, modern tap, and hip hop.

Thayne frequently teaches acting, dance, singing, and audition skills at seminars, workshops, and master classes in New York and across the country and often works with high schools and youth groups.

Thayne is also a choreographer.

Thayne works with Music For Autism, an organization aimed at providing sensory friendly concerts and music education opportunities for children with autism.

Thayne is known among fans for his quirky personality and strange antics. He loves candy and cookies, often makes strange videos for the cast, raps in Spanish, and can sometimes be found napping upside down on the stairs. His sense of humor is delightfully infectious.

Thayne’s Tony Nom Rap:


Celebrating the cinematic career of Mr. Neil Hamilton! (September 9, 1899 - September 24, 1984)