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Agdhajdhdjdj a venom au where Andrew is human and Neil is a run away symbiote

haderuiyreiughdfkfng I love this, but also, let me offer the reverse.

Kevin: *blabbers about Exy endlessly*
Neil: What?! No! He’s giving us points on our form!
Venom-Andrew: JUNKIE.

Neil: We need to run. We need to run and hide and be unnoticed.
Venom-Andrew: BUY A MASERATI.
Neil: Jesus Christ, Andrew, have you heard a single word of what I said?!

Riko: The Ravens will take over the world.
Neil: Yes. Very bad. Eat him up.

The Foxes: *pile up in Neil’s dorm room*
Neil: Why would we do that?!
Neil: We talked about that. We don’t eat people because they’re annoying.
Venom-Andrew: RABBIT.
Neil: Be nice and I’ll get you all the ice-cream and tater tots you want.

Neil: We’re in the middle of season, Kevin’s gonna rip my throat out if I fuck up the diet plan!
Neil: Okay, I’ll get you tater tots! Happy?!

Neil: Half-pint.
Neil: No.

“It was nearly dawn by the time they finally went to bed, but Neil could make up the hours on the bus ride north.”

No Neil sleeping on the bus on the way to Evermore does not equal a good night sleep in a bed. This is the most important game of the year you should be getting lots of rest, not making out with Andrew until dawn.

aaron, having just tripped over the curb: when. when will death come

neil, who’s been trained to constantly scan all surroundings: most likely suspect is that dude in the blue jacket, about 5 minutes, that lump in his coat may be a gun

aaron: ….

neil: oh no looks like it was just a book

aaron: …………………………………………….thanks

ok hear me out on this:

the foxes as a Rocky Horror Picture Show club-

  • Kevin is a world class Frank N. Furter
  • he absolutely kills it in fishnets and glitter, and he can strut in high heels like nobody’s business
  • everyone high key has the hots for him, and he’s low key famous in the Rocky Horror scene for being the best Frank N. Furter
  • Andrew is Rocky, obviously
  • the boy is jacked, he’s made of muscle and rippling biceps
  • Nicky plays both Eddie and Dr. Scott, with a very dramatic and flamboyant touch
  • Renee is the sweetest, purest Janet ever to exist
  • plus she’s the only one Andrew trusts to play the part and not feel up his muscles
  • Allison plays Columbia and wears high end, designer lingerie and Fenty body lava
  • Dan is Magenta, and Aaron is a very sullen Riff Raff
  • Matt is a very sincere Brad, he’s so pure and genuine it’s adorable
  • sometimes he sings “Dammit, Janet” to Dan and it makes her laugh
  • then Neil arrives
  • he’s self conscious about his scars and shit
  • but then his childhood friend Kevin convinces him to join his club
  • Neil has no idea what’s going on but the glitter helps him to start feeling comfortable in his body again
  • so he becomes the Frank understudy, and Andrew is fucking whipped
  • cause this boy can sing, and he’s so beautiful (especially in fishnets- it’s those runner legs)
  • Wymack is the tired movie theater owner who is secretly very proud of these kids who always come to Rocky Horror and slay it
  • he plays the movie as much as he can just for them, and pretends to be annoyed but is really very supportive of them (he stays and watches them and anyone who tries to give them shit during the movie is immediately removed)
  • and everyone who comes to see them is both terrified and extremely turned on

anyways that’s all I got right now but seriously just imagine these fuckers running around in glitter and barely anything else being all violent and sexy and living their best lives at the local theater’s midnight showing on Halloween

A sense of community

Something crunches and slides under his foot as Neil steps into the apartment on Sunday evening and he has to grasp wildly for the door handle to prevent himself smacking his head on the hardwood flooring. All the lights are off, meaning that Andrew isn’t home yet and the cats probably haven’t been fed.

Sure enough, King appears a second later, trotting around the corner and making a beeline for Neil’s legs, winding around them as if to trip him up a second time. He shuts the door and crouches down, stroking her absently as he peers at the offending slippery object. It’s a flyer of some kind, probably pushed under the door by one of their neighbours, advertising a street fair.

Neil skims the information as he wanders into the kitchen to refill the cats’ food. There’s a form on the back of the flyer for people who want to apply for a stall, and an option to contribute some baked goods to a community stall which will raise money for ‘the most innovative neighbourhood scheme’ pitched at the fair.

Neil hears the door click as Andrew arrives home, and rushes to show him the flyer.

“A street fair,” says Andrew, sounding wholly unimpressed.

“You could bake something,” says Neil, gesturing out to the balcony where Andrew has been growing various fruits and vegetables in large pots. “The raspberries are ripening up; you could make pies.”

“Is this about your stupid Exy club idea?” asks Andrew, scanning the information on the sheet. “How far would the proceeds from a measly stall at a street fair go towards that?”

“Well, no,” replies Neil. “I just think it would be nice for you to share your baking skills with everybody.”

“You sound like Renee.”

But,” continues Neil, unperturbed, “that plot of land at the end of the road just went on sale, where Mr Jones used to keep those tiny goats -”

“Pygmy goats.”

“Right. And I just think it would be nice to have something better than that run down park to keep the local kids occupied.”

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diverse lit meme → lgbtqia+ relationships 1/?

   andrew minyard and neil josten, all for the game

“Thank you,” he finally said. He couldn’t say he meant thanks for all of it: the keys, the trust, the honesty, and the kisses. Hopefully Andrew would figure it out. “You were amazing.”

  • Neil: [taps racket]
  • Andrew: [taps racket in response]
  • Nicky: Stop that.
  • Neil: Stop what?
  • Nicky: You’re talking about me in morse code.
  • Andrew: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited free time, we took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.
  • [later]
  • Andrew, to Renee: That's exactly what we did.