Negative Approach

Why Be Something That You're Not
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Why don’t you give me a fucking break, one look at you tells me you’re fake. You’ve copied every fucking thing that you do. So God damn worried who’s looking at you!

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You try to make things work and gain something
It’s all no use, it’s all worth nothing
Complete satisfaction, too impossible to believe
Nothing’s ever fucking gonna work for me

Tomorrow seems so hopeless
Can’t keep it off my mind
Another day of nothing
I’m running out of time
I’ve got nothing I can look forward to
I’m always left with nothing

I’m always told things I don’t want to hear
My destiny’s become quite clear
Life’s never fucking given nothing to me
It’s just stood by and watched me bleed

No Idols #3

Just found this issue of Cade Perrin’s fanzine circa 2003, pre-Cut Sick (/ Dumb Hardcore / Chunks). Hard to imagine any hardcore mag today having to say “personal zines fuckin suck” on the cover - this website and other social networking sites soaked up those inclined towards trumping the “personal”. Full of bile. Great stuff as usual from one of Australia’s chosen few what don’t like you.